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The name’s English, Johnny English

The name’s English, Johnny English

As Johnny English Strikes Again arrives on Sky Cinema, put your spy skills to the test with our quiz

Everyone’s second favourite British “super” spy is back, and he’s as witless, useless and hilarious as ever…

Johnny English Strikes Again, available from Friday 26 July in Sky Cinema on demand. Cert PG. Also available in HD

After tickling funny bones throughout the 1980s and 90s as Mr Bean in, well, Mr Bean, and as Blackadder in, um, Blackadder, Rowan Atkinson set his sights on challenging Bond for the title of Britain’s suavest, sexiest cinematic superspy, becoming the titular Johnny English in 2003.


After a seven-year hiatus (during which the character became a Buddhist monk, naturally) Johnny English (and Atkinson) returned to tickle our funny bones all over again in the equally hilarious Johnny English Reborn.

And now, after another seven-year sabbatical for the character, he’s back hunting down bad guys once again in the side-splitting Johnny English Strikes Again.


This third (and possibly final) entry in the franchise sees English re-recruited back into the secret service after a Skyfall-esque cyberattack/general cock-up reveals the names of every single spy working for MI7.


The locations are beautiful, the main man is as suave and as cool as the suavest and coolest of cucumbers, and the gags, as always, perfectly straddle the line between predictably brilliant and amazingly witty.


And, not for the first time, Atkinson is surrounded by an all-star cast that wouldn’t be out of place in an entry in the Bond franchise. But do you know your sidekicks from your supervillains? Take our quiz below to see if you can identify the actors behind the roles.



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