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6 new festive favourites

6 new festive favourites

If you’re looking to discover a new Christmas classic, look no further than Sky Cinema

It’s the ideal time to catch up on all the great movies you’ve not seen yet this year (or re-watch your faves to your heart’s content). Thanks to Sky Cinema’s generous bevy of Christmas premieres, that’s now easier than ever

All films available in Sky Cinema on demand

Monsters. Aliens. Superheroes. Astronauts. Super-intelligent babies. They say Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones, but really, be honest: you’d want to spend it with any (or all) of the above, too, right? From 22 to 28 December, Sky Cinema will be screening some of 2017’s biggest, best-reviewed Hollywood blockbusters and funniest family entertainments — not to mention one of the most feel-good true-life dramas of the year.

Whether it’s fairy tales that bring you the most seasonal cheer, or thrilling sci-fi adventures, or comedies featuring costumed vigilantes eating lobster thermidor, Sky Cinema delivers like a red-coated, bearded man on a magic sleigh. 

Hidden Figures

Available from 23 December in Sky Cinema on demand. Also available in HD. Cert PG

A fascinating and impressive true-life story about the unknown heroes of America’s space programme in the 60s: Katherine Goble (Empire’s Taraji P Henson), Mary Jackson (Moonlight’s Janelle Monáe) and Dorothy Vaughan (The Help’s Octavia Spencer). As black women, these brilliant mathematicians had to face both racism and sexism while helping the astronautical likes of John Glenn rocket into space. 


The LEGO Batman movie

Available from Christmas Eve in Sky Cinema on demand. Also available in HD. Cert U

This is easily the best Batman adventure since Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Of course, it's far funnier, and so insanely epic it features plastic-brick-constructed cameos from the likes of King Kong, Voldemort, the Daleks and Sauron, all set loose on Gotham City as part of the Joker’s evilest plot yet. 



Beauty And The Beast

Available from Christmas Day in Sky Cinema on demand. Also available in HD. Cert PG

Harry Potter star Emma Watson and Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens take the title roles (no prizes for guessing who plays who) in Disney’s colossally successful live-action adaptation of its beloved 1990s animated fairy tale musical. Spectacular, fantastical and the ideal place to find a bit of Christmas magic. 


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Available from Boxing Day in Sky Cinema on demand. Also available in HD. Cert 12

Drax, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and co return for another crazy, cosmic adventure, this time pulled into the orbit of Star Lord’s (Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt) improbably powerful father: Ego, The Living Planet — played by none other than 80s action hero Kurt Russell. Like the first Guardians adventure, it’s packed with great jokes, impressive action and classic, retro pop tunes.


The Boss Baby

Available from 30 December in Sky Cinema on demand. Also available in HD. Cert U

Sibling rivalry takes on a whole new dimension in this high-concept comedy adventure from DreamWorks Animation. A boy’s new baby brother turns out to be a highly intelligent business leader from “Baby Corp” — where all new babies are made — on a secret mission to prevent the creation of a new kind of puppy. Without a doubt, the strangest-but-cutest movie you’ll watch all Christmas. 


Kong: Skull Island

Available from New Year’s Day in Sky Cinema on demand. Also available in HD. Cert 12

Cinema’s biggest gorilla gets an epic reboot, with an Apocalypse Now-style, Vietnam War movie twist. Set in 1973, it stars Tom Hiddleston (The Night Manager), Samuel L Jackson and Brie Larson (Room) as members of a crack team sent to map out the monster-inhabited Skull Island. As you’d expect, the building-sized ape who runs the place isn’t too happy about the intrusion…


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