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The Great Wall

Wall-to-wall action

Wall-to-wall action

Matt Damon has his work cut out defending China’s famous landmark in The Great Wall...

Do some sightseeing from the comfort of your sofa – because Sky Cinema is ready to whisk you away to Ancient China with the spectacular The Great Wall

The Great Wall, available in Sky Cinema on demand. Also available in HD. Cert 12

This big-budget adventure, from Hero and House Of Flying Daggers director Zhang Yimou, stars Matt Damon (The Bourne Identity) as William Garin, a European mercenary who leads an expedition to the Land of the Rising Sun in search of the secret to gunpowder. But their quest for the black stuff goes awry when they’re captured and imprisoned within the country's Great Wall by a mysterious sect called the Nameless Order.

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Being held captive is the least of Garin and company's worries, however, because he and his fellow fortune-seekers are soon forced to team up with their captors to fend off a horde of ferocious (and absolutely huge) beasts that have arisen from a 60-year nap. And you thought backpacking around Goa was wild. Garin must question whether he values the preservation of humanity over unimaginable riches – but is he ready to look within himself for the answer?


The Great Wall is centred on one of the world’s most impressive man-made structures – and it’s not the only movie available on Sky Cinema that features a truly iconic landmark.


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