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The Mummy

Tom Cruise’s most spectacular stunts

Tom Cruise's most spectacular stunts

Oh mummy, have we got something to show you! Get a load of the 55-year-old's action-packed career

He’s the very definition of an action star, and he’s back on Sky Cinema delivering the mother of all blockbusters

The Mummy, available from Saturday 24 February in Sky Cinema on demand. Cert 15. Also available in HD

He fights, he jumps, he shoots, he rolls, and he runs with a determination that would make Usain Bolt quake in his starting blocks. 


All qualities that have helped Tom Cruise cement his place in Hollywood history, and continue making electrifying, entertaining and stunt-packed blockbusters like The Mummy, which premieres on Sky Cinema on demand this week.

In this 2017 version, Cruise plays Sergeant Nick Morton, who we meet in present-day Iraq. Along with Corporal Chris Vail (New Girl’s Jake Johnson), they happen upon the ancient Egyptian tomb of Princess Ahmanet (Star Trek Beyond’s Sofia Boutella) and unintentionally unleash hell. Whoopsie...

Fortunately, Morton gets a helping hand from archaeologist Jenny Halsey (Peaky Blinders’ Annabelle Wallis) and Dr Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe). Why, yes, that Dr Henry Jekyll. Can they stop the ancient princess and her quest for vengeance from bringing untold horror upon humanity? You’d better buckle up to find out!

Cruise’s dedication to the art of the nail-biting stunt is legendary, and has led to his fair share of near-death scrapes over the years. In his honour, we’ve brought together the definitive list of the barmiest and most incredible stunts he’s ever committed to celluloid. Brace yourselves, jaws will be dropped.


Tom Cruise’s 7 craziest stunts!


The Mummy, available from Saturday 24 February in Sky Cinema on demand. Cert 15. Also available in HD


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