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The goodest boys are back!

The goodest boys are back!

Everyone’s favourite doggy duo returns in the smash-hit sequel, The Secret Life Of Pets 2, available to buy on the Virgin Media Store

Hands up who loved The Secret Life Of Pets. Thought so. Well, get ready to bark at the moon once more, because the sequel is finally here!

The Secret Life Of Pets 2, available to buy on the Virgin Media Store. Cert U

The first film in what we’re sure will one day be remembered as the greatest animal-based animated trilogy in cinematic history was packed with laughs, cracking set pieces (pff, more like pet pieces, are we right…?) and a host of adorable CGI critters.


The Secret Life Of Pets 2 is no different. Where the first saw Max (a Jack Russell Terrier) struggling to adapt to life alongside his newly adopted brother Duke (a huge, Wookie-like Newfoundland mix), the second entry sees the now-inseparable pooches embark on a high-flying adventure that’ll put their wits – and noses – to the test.


But that’s not to say they won’t have a little help along the way. Expect furry friends old and new to lend a paw as Max and Duke become involved in a daring mission to rescue a captive tiger from a circus.


Like many modern animated films, it’s bonkers, brilliant and a beauty to behold. But be warned: it will have any self-respecting, animal-loving child (or adult) constantly tugging at your trouser leg and saying those six magical words, over and over – “Please can we watch it again?”. Still not convinced? Read on for even more reasons why you should welcome The Secret Life Of Pets 2 into your home.


Animal madness

Hu, Max, Daisy and Snowball in The Life Of Pets 2

From plucky Pomeranians to gangster geese, the first entry in the franchise had just about everything when it came to animal characters. For the sequel, writer Brian Lynch has upped the ante, adding even more cats, dogs and even the odd duck into the mix, as well a white tiger cub called Hu (Hu meaning “tiger” in Chinese, of course).


A cast so stacked, even The Rock is jealous

Rooster the Sheepdog in The Secret Life Of Pets 2, voiced by Harrison Ford

We’ll give you three guesses to work out which Academy Award-nominated screen legend lent their voice to this sleek-looking sheepdog… Nope… Pff, come on… Oh, well done! Yes, for this smash-hit sequel, none other than Harrison Ford stepped into the recording booth to lay down the voice of Rooster, an old sheepdog who imparts some invaluable wisdom to Max.


Also rounding out the cast are Patton Oswalt, Kevin Hart, Eric Stonestreet, Tiffany Haddish, Hannibal Buress, Ellie Kemper and more!


An extremely obscure directorial cameo

Those with an oddly specific knowledge of British directors with cameos in animated films will pick up on this one. A tiny hamster seen early on in the film is voiced by none other than Garth Jennings, writer/director of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Son Of Rambo and, more recently, Sing. We told you it was niche!


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