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Vote for your favourite sports movie

Vote for your favourite sports movie

With more than one Wimbledon on the box, what better time to compile our ultimate top 10 list

From knockout punches to touchdown passes, when you need a movie to rouse and inspire, sport lays the perfect groundwork

Wimbledon, Saturday 14 July, 7pm, Comedy Central/HD (CH 132/181)

You don’t need to be a fan of sports to love sports movies – you just need to be able to appreciate raw emotion, close bonds and the plight of the little guy. We all love an underdog, which is perhaps why the likes of Rocky, Cool Runnings and Chariots Of Fire have gone down in movie history.


The most exciting summer of sport in recent years has also got us revisiting some of our favourites. Have you found yourself rewatching any footy films since the World Cup? Has Wimbledon fever got you making a racket? Well love is very much in the air on Comedy Central this Saturday, as they'll be showing the other Wimbledon (the Paul Bettany/Kirsten Dunst romantic comedy of the same name).

There are almost too many sports films to keep score, so we've come up with our list of 10. But which is the best of the best? Well, that’s where you come in. Vote for your favourites below, and help create the definitive list of the top ten sports films ever made.


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