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The Young Ones

Which of The Young Ones are you?

Which character from The Young Ones are you?

Celebrate the iconic British comedy with a brand new documentary and our personality quiz

Wanto to relive some golden comedy moments this bank holiday weekend, then we have just the thing!

How The Young Ones Changed Comedy, Saturday 26 May, 9.30pm, Gold (CH 124). Also available for 7 days in Catch Up > Channels > Gold

In 1982, Rick (Rik Mayall), Neil (Nigel Planer), Vyvyan (Adrian Edmondson) and Mike (Christopher Ryan) changed British comedy forever. Before them, sitcoms were typically safe, straightforward family-friendly affairs, where nobody was decapitated, head-butted by puppet hamsters, or attacked by vampires.


But, as shown in brand new documentary How The Young Ones Changed Comedy (as well as The Young Ones’ 20 Greatest Moments, the following night at 9.30pm), this groundbreaking show did for TV comedy what The Sex Pistols did for pop music.

The show brought the anarchy and surrealism of the alternative stand-up comedy scene to the TV screen, via 12 chaotically hilarious episodes about a motley quartet of university undergraduates sharing a squalid house in North London.


Each of the Young Ones was like an extreme version of someone everyone knew, so it was hard to pick a favourite character (well, one who wasn’t Mike). But which of them was most like you? Time to find out…


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How The Young Ones Changed Comedy

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