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The Walking Dead season 1-8

Are you an expert on The Walking Dead?

Are you a Walking Dead expert?

Take our quiz and test your knowledge of this gripping horror drama...

The Walking Dead has one of television’s most loyal followings, and if you consider yourself to be a die-hard fan, now's your chance to prove it. Or, if you can’t beat it, join them...

Find The Walking Dead seasons 1-8a from 26 January in On Demand > Box Sets

In a post-apocalyptic world, the undead now walk the earth. But as horrific as they are – and goodness knows they're pretty horrific – it's the humans that you've got to be worried about. Andrew Lincoln's band of damaged survivors are the good guys. Just about...

If you already know this much about The Walking Dead, chances are you might fare well in our deliciously tricksy trivia quiz. If not, you're in luck, because all the episodes so far are available to watch as a Box Set from 26 January in On Demand!


Do you know Andrew Lincoln's real surname? Can you guess which actor on the show was bitten by a fan in real life? Give all 12 questions a go to see if you can earn some superfan status before season eight continues on Monday 26 February at 9pm on FOX and FOX HD.

Play our ultimate quiz!

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