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Make a date with De Dag

Make a date with De Dag

Move over Scandi noir! This innovative new Belgian drama, set over a single day, is now available in On Demand

One day. Several hostages. Numerous police. Various perspectives. Who will you believe?

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Flemish drama De Dag (The Day) puts its own spin on the popular Scandi noir set-up of tense police procedurals played out against bleak landscapes. As the title of this series – filmed in Bruges – suggests, the action takes place over a single day, one in which the employees and customers of a bank are held hostage.


As the police desperately work to de-escalate the situation and deliver a positive outcome, they slowly realise that all is not as it appears. In this show, every second counts, but as time goes by and more sides to the story are revealed, you’ll be wondering who to trust right up to the very end of the day…


De Dag
takes the idea of an unreliable eyewitness and runs with it, teasing different perspectives – from the police, the hostages and the perpetrators – across 12 episodes. The odd-numbered ones revolve around the police’s point of view, while the even-numbered ones focus on events inside the bank.


Although writers Jonas Geirnaert and Julie Mahieu created the series together and acted as showrunners, the odd-numbered episodes were written by Geirnaert and directed by Gilles Coulier, while the even-numbered ones were scripted by Mahieu and directed by Dries Vos. This means multiple creative perspectives for the differing viewpoints – talk about perspective inception!


Even more intriguing, each pair of episodes takes place across precisely the same timeframe, which means you’ll feel compelled to watch just one more to get the full picture. Mahieu and Geirnaert have certainly cracked the code for binge-watching with De Dag, so be sure to steal some time and lock yourselves in for a thrill ride like no other.


Find De Dag season 1 in On Demand > Box Sets

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