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Your blogger's guide to boxing

Your blagger's guide to boxing!

Your blagger's guide to boxing!

Sound like an absolute boxing expert with our handy guide...

Been bitten by the boxing bug after the awesome bouts we’ve been treated to this year? We don’t blame you

Boxing: the essential guide

If you’re a newcomer to boxing but want to be brought right up to speed (and sound like an expert in front of your mates), then you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a blagger’s guide to the phrases you need to know – to let you talk the talk and feel like a proper aficionado when you’re watching the action!


Going the distance

When a bout lasts its scheduled duration, before the judges decide the winner based on what they’ve seen throughout the rounds.


On the ropes

When a fighter is literally up against the ropes of the ring while getting repeatedly hit by his/her opponent. This isn’t a situation they want to be in.



A punch that is thrown by a boxer immediately after they’ve been hit. It’s designed to catch their opponent off guard.


Saved by the bell

Picture the scene: you’ve just been knocked to the canvas and are struggling to get up. The referee is counting to ten, but before they can reach ten and end the bout, the bell rings to signal the end of the round. You’ve just been saved by the bell. (This is not to be confused with the late 80s teen sitcom.)


Throw in the towel

A member of a boxer’s coaching team may literally throw a white towel into the ring to concede that their fighter is unable to continue.


Have a chin

If a boxer has “a chin” or “a good chin”, it means they are adept at taking a lot of blows to the head without much visible damage.



A wild punch that’s characteristically made in desperation, but could also win a match due to its ferocity and unpredictability.

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