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Watch KSI take on Joe Fournier in the ring!

Watch KSI take on Joe Fournier in the ring!

One of social media’s biggest personalities faces his toughest challenge yet as he takes on a pro. Read on to find out how you can purchase the fight on DAZN with Virgin Media

By Chris Miller, Feature Writer

Modern boxing has its star names, like Tyson Fury, Canelo Alvarez and Claressa Shields. It has fast-rising up-and-comers, like Shakur Stevenson, Ellie Scotney and Jared Anderson. But some of the biggest draws for fans in 2023 are the pugilistic polymaths. They’re not just boxers; they’re entrepreneurs and influencers who also step into the ring.


And fight fans can see a face-off between two of boxing’s most outsized personalities live on DAZN with Virgin Media on Saturday 13 May, when KSI and Joe Fournier meet at a packed Wembley Arena. It promises to be one of the biggest and most entertaining nights of boxing this year. Here’s what you need to know…


KSI? Isn’t he a rapper?

He is indeed, with two huge hit albums under his belt, along with 15 top 40 hits. But KSI is also an entrepreneur, YouTuber and influencer – The Times once ranked him Britain’s top influencer – who’s the co-founder of the wildly successful Prime drinks brand. He’s been seen on the likes of Celebrity Gogglebox and The Great Stand Up To Cancer Bake Off too.


And he also owns Misfits Boxing, the promotion responsible for this fight. In fact, KSI is the Misfits cruiserweight champion, having fought and won three matches staged by his organisation. He also had a professional fight against fellow YouTuber Logan Paul in 2019, which he won on a split decision.


So is Joe Fournier a rapper and YouTuber too?

No, Fournier is a legit pro boxer but like KSI, he has other strings to his bow. After an injury put him out of action as a young boxing hopeful, he grew a successful gym business and invested in nightclubs – both of which attracted a celebrity crowd and made him a wealthy man. But he hadn’t given up on his boxing dream and after becoming friends with David Haye, he joined the former champ’s Hayemakers roster and got back on the road to sporting glory.


How did this fight come about?

KSI might be a champion, but two of his three Misfits Boxing fights have been against other YouTubers. And in October, Fournier called out KSI and Paul for not facing “real boxers”. “I’m 39, should be easy pickings if you boys are as good as you say,” he goaded them. “If you wanna fight real guys, just come. I’m ready, I’m available at all times.” KSI took the bait, after the two eyeballed each other following KSI’s win over FaZe Temperrr in January, and this fight was confirmed on 22 March.


So will this be a close match-up?

KSI takes his boxing extremely seriously and has trained with top coaches. He has decent cardio fitness and knockout strength; he’s also a little heavier than Fournier, having fought in the 175-200lb cruiserweight category, which should work in his favour. Fournier has given him some respect, telling him he’s “the best YouTube boxer” at a press conference.


The more experienced and ring-savvy Fournier – who has never lost an official fight – is the favourite. But if the YouTube star can overcome the battle-hardened pro, it’ll be one of the biggest stories in boxing.


How do they measure up?

When is KSI v Fournier on TV?

You can see this fight on DAZN with Virgin Media from 7pm on Saturday 13 May 2023. It’s available to order from 10am on Tuesday 9 May and costs £19.99.


The event cannot be recorded and will be repeated on Sunday 2 April at 7am, 1pm and 7pm (last playout).


The purchase will include access to the fight and will also entitle you to redeem one month’s access to DAZN – please see details at point of purchase. Promotion is owned and operated by DAZN.


How can I order the fight?

To watch this event, you must have a TiVo®, Virgin TV V6 powered by TiVo®, Virgin TV 360 or Stream set-top-box.


TiVo® and V6 customers: Go to Home > On Demand > Live Events or press On Demand and go to Live Events. Press the red button then choose the event and follow the instructions on screen. A TV PIN may not be required. To view your booking, once purchased, go to On Demand > Live Events > Event Bookings.


Virgin TV 360 and Stream customers: Go to Home > Pay Per View Events rail, press OK then choose your event and follow the instructions on screen. A TV PIN may not be required. To view your booking, once purchased, go to Home > Pay Per View Events.

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A TV PIN will be required on TiVo® or Virgin TV 360 unless you have changed or make changes to the settings on your box. If you would like to disable the PPV pin prompt on TiVo, complete the following setting changes via your remote: go to Settings > Purchase Controls and ensure the setting is set to “allow purchases without a PIN”. This will disable all PIN prompts for content that does not conflict with the regulatory watershed requirements.

This event CANNOT be recorded and is NOT available to view/purchase via Liberate boxes. Repeats are free once you’ve ordered the event. If you miss the event, you can buy the repeats for the same price. The event is repeated on Sunday 14 May at 9am, 2pm and 7pm (last playout). The event can be watched either live or On Demand during its repeat window.

To check the event has been purchased, TiVo® and V6 customers should go to Home > On Demand > Live Events. The event will be there with a status of “booked”. Virgin TV 360 and Stream customers should go to Home > Saved > Rentals. The event will be there.

If the fight card is changed after the event has been purchased, an equivalent match may be provided by the broadcaster. In this case, no refund would be provided. If the broadcaster cancels the event, then refunds can be applied.

Once a customer purchases the event, it is policy that refunds are not made unless there is a technical fault or the event is cancelled. It is useful for the customer to know that repeats take place on the following day for all Live Events in case they can’t make the time of the actual event.

TiVo® and V6 customers can view the event on a second TiVo® or V6 box associated with the account without additional purchase. Please note where the second box is a non TiVo® or V6 box it will not be viewable on that box. Once selected, it correctly displays “Purchased” and “View Now”. When “View Now” is selected, it then moves to “Event Bookings”.

Virgin TV 360 customers can view the event on a second Virgin TV 360 box associated with the account without additional purchase. Please note where the second box is a non Virgin TV 360 box it will not be viewable on that box. Customers should go to Home > Saved > Rentals. The event will be there.


DAZN Subscription

Virgin Media will bear responsibility for Virgin Media customers’ transaction for and access to the pay-per-view event. Virgin Media bears no obligations or liability to assist either in communication to customers, redemption, or onward customer support for the one-month subscription of DAZN. Sign-up and terms and conditions will be managed by DAZN. Customers will be able to redeem their one-month DAZN subscription within the linear pay-per-view feed delivered to Virgin Media (during the live transmission and repeat windows only).

If a Virgin Media customer purchases the Pay Per View Event on the Virgin Media Entertainment Service via their device, a QR code graphic and URL link ( will be included in the linear Pay Per View Event feed delivered to Virgin Media (during the Live Transmission Schedule and Repeat Transmission Schedule). When they scan the QR code, they are taken to a landing web page ( which includes instructions on how to redeem one-month access to DAZN.

One week (approximately) after the Pay Per View Event, DAZN will dispatch the unique gift code to the customer to enable them to redeem the one-month access. For more information visit