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Your guide to the “Big Game”!

Your guide to the “Big Game”!

As the Super Bowl arrives on Sky Sports and the BBC, get involved with our play-along bingo card

You’ve seen ceramic bowls, and even the odd glass bowl, but strap yourself in for… the Super Bowl!

Super Bowl LIV, Monday 2 February, 10pm, Sky Sports Action/HD (CH 517/507) + 11.25pm, BBC One HD (CH 101/108)

Blaring horns, massive shoulder pads, more helmets than we’ve had hot dinners, headphone-sporting coaches and hours of bone-crunching action with a full-blown concert midway through can only mean one thing… the Super Bowl is back!


Sure, you’re right – it is basically the NFL’s equivalent to the Champions League final (with a light sprinkling of cheese). But it’s also a ridiculously bombastic sporting showcase in its own right, one that is well worth staying up until the early hours of the morning to watch, too.

San Francisco 49ers

And, at about six hours long, there’s plenty of pre-, post- and mid-match analysis to sink your eyes into alongside hours of huge, padded, mind-bogglingly burly men smashing into other huge, padded, mind-bogglingly burly men.


The burly men in question this year, competing for the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, play for sides well within a chance of bagging the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy, with reigning champions New England Patriots’ pre-play-off collapse effectively blowing the whole thing wide open.


While the 49ers were runners-up in the 2013 final, it’s been a whopping 50 years since the Chiefs found themselves in the final. Either way, both sets of players will be keen to make a sizeable impression on the lush, sun-soaked grass of Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium as they bid to write their names into the history books.


And, to top it all off, there’s even the fabled “halftime show” to enjoy, with so-good-they-named-her-twice Shakira (Shakira) and Jenny From The Block set to co-headline.


Safe to say, there’s a lot going on. With that in mind, we’ve rustled up a handy play-along bingo card of things to tick off as and when they appear, so that you can (sort of) keep track of what’s going on as you fend off the enticing prospect of sleep and the ever-present question of, “Why am I doing this to my mind and body?”


Enticed? Scroll on down and, when the big game kicks off, tick off the boxes below



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