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WWE breaks the rules!

WWE breaks the rules!

As WWE Extreme Rules hits Sky Sports Box Office, we look back at five classic clashes from this bonkers event

The sport’s superstars are ready to slug it out in Philadelphia in an extreme event that’s guaranteed to provide maximum entertainment

WWE Extreme Rules 2019, Sunday 14 July, midnight (early Monday 15 July), Sky Sports Box Office. £14.95 (SD only). Booking now open

Thought normal wrestling was extreme? Think again! WWE Extreme Rules takes the sport to some weird and wild places, with bizarre stunts, an awesome array of hardware, and some seriously thrilling bouts between big names – and it’s back and live on Sky Sports Box Office this Sunday night.


If you like stars with your sport, this year’s Extreme Rules has a galaxy’s worth. SmackDown champion Kofi Kingston and Raw Universal champ Seth Rollins will both be defending their hard-won titles at the event. Also confirmed is Roman Reigns, who will be chomping at the bit to get back the Universal title he gave up in 2018. AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton and Shane McMahon will also appear on a card packed with big names.


To give you a taste of the craziness this event always brings, we’ve rounded up five classic clashes from previous Extreme Rules showpieces. And we couldn’t even find room for the 2018 fight that saw James Ellsworth suspended over the ring in a shark cage… no, really! Get stuck in.

1. John Cena v Brock Lesnar, 2012

Excitement mounted as Lesnar began his first WWE bout in eight years, having ramped up the tension by entering the ring to hit Cena with an impromptu F-5 throw weeks earlier. The former champ whirled into action with a relentless volley of elbows, punches and knee strikes. The match had to be stopped twice to allow time for crew members to clean up Cena’s blood! But when Lesnar repeated his F-5, he made a crucial error: he threw his opponent at the ref, knocking him out and giving Cena time to recover. Cena went to work with some chains, and finally pinned Lesnar to take the win.


2. Roman Reigns v Big Show, 2015

This was all about the tables. Roman Reigns set one up; Big Show smashed it in half. Roman Reigns dragged two more into the ring; Big Show floored him with a punch to the jaw before he had the chance to use them. Roman Reigns manoeuvred Big Show towards a pair of tables he’d readied ringside to throw his opponent through, only for Big Show to block a Superman punch and chokeslam him through those very tables. Finally, Reigns made his decisive move by spearing Big Show through the announcers’ tables. Then he did it again for good measure.


3. Daniel Bryan v Kane, 2014

When Kane dragged Bryan out of the arena, the crowd couldn’t have predicted what came next. Bryan recovered, roughed Kane up a bit, then – obviously – loaded him onto a forklift. He drove back to the ring, tipped Kane in, and climbed onto the pallet while coaxing the audience into a frenzy of anticipation. Amid the screams, Bryan took to the air for a spectacular diving headbutt, and Kane proved unable to recover. Even setting fire to a table (EXTREME RULES!) couldn’t intimidate Bryan, and the champ retained his WWE world heavyweight title.


4. John Cena v Batista, 2010

Nowadays you’ll need to watch a movie to see these two in action – Cena (BumblebeeTrainwreck) has gone on WWE hiatus to focus on acting, while Guardians Of The Galaxy star Dave “Batista” Bautista has officially retired from the ring – but back in 2010 they faced off in a grudge match after Cena beat Batista to the WrestleMania title. There were eight-counts and nine-counts galore before Cena performed a stepover toehold facelock on Batista, then hilariously duct-taped him to the ring post to take him up to ten. Cena paraded the belt in front of the enraged, still-taped Batista, ensuring their feud would continue.


5. Edge v Jeff Hardy, 2009

One belt. Two ladders. The very first Extreme Rules event saw a war of attrition between these WWE giants, as they battled to reach the heights and grab the heavyweight championship belt that dangled tantalisingly above the ring. Hardy, the challenger, dropkicked a ladder into Edge’s face, but the champ countered by trapping his opponent and administering a punishing sharpshooter hold. The moves got more and more brutal until the exhausted combatants were basically just pushing each other off the steps. Eventually Hardy mounted the ladder for one final, triumphant climb.


How to order

Easy! Go to Home > On Demand > Live Events. To view your booking, once purchased, go to On Demand > Live Events. After that, just sit back and watch WWE’s superstars go head to head on an unmissable night of action.


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Schedule and programming subject to change. Not available in HD. This is a live event only and cannot be recorded. Price includes scheduled repeats on Monday 15 July at 10am, 3pm and 8pm. Customers who did not purchase the live event can separately purchase the repeats for the same price as the live event.