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The Virgin TV Go app is available at no extra cost and it can make a real difference to the way you watch TV. Not sure how? Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you out

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Have you downloaded the Virgin TV Go app yet? We bet you have – and if not, we recommend you get it quick-smart! It’s available to every Virgin Media customer with a TV package at no extra cost, and you can download it from the Apple App store or Google Play and get it set up in no time at all.


You can register the app on up to five devices and use it on two at a time, improving the TV experience for multiple members of your household. If your family or flatmates have taken over the TV with something you’re not interested in, you can just pick up a device and take it elsewhere in the house (or anywhere in the UK where there’s 3G, 4G or WiFi).


Then you can dive into your favourite screen entertainment, whether that’s sport or drama, comedy or reality – live or on catch up! The choice is very much in your hands.


If you’ve never used Virgin TV Go, then check out our guide showing you all its benefits. But if you’ve been using Virgin TV Go for couple of days, or a couple of months, and want to find out what else it can do… here are some simple tips and tricks to unlock its full potential.


1. You can use the app as a remote control

No more hunting for that pesky zapper – if you have a Virgin TV 360 box, you can abandon it to its fate and use the TV Go app instead. Just follow these simple steps.


  1. Apple users, tap the Connect to TV icon (top right on the screen).
  2. Android users, go to the main menu > Guide > My Shows > Manage > Info > Remote Control.
  3. Control your TV from your device


For Virgin Media customers armed with a TiVo® box, a V6 box, powered by TiVo®, there’s the Virgin TV Control app for Apple and Android.


2. You can download shows to watch on the go

Watch your favourite shows wherever you are, with no need to find WiFi or use your mobile data!


  1. Find the show and tap the three dots.
  2. Tap Download.
  3. Go to Menu > Saved > Downloads and start watching!


3. You can create your own personal TV guide

Don’t want to scroll past channels you never watch? Want your favourite channels at the top of the list? There’s an easy way to create a personalised TV guide with the channels you want just where you want them!


  1. Apple users, tap the settings wheel > My Channels. Android users, go to Menu > Settings > My Channels.
  2. To remove channels, select Show / Hide channels.
  3. To change the channel order, select Sort channels (or reset to the default line-up).


4. You can save shows for later

Watching live TV is as simple as tapping Menu > Live TV and choosing a show. But if you find you don’t have time right now, but don’t need to download a show, the app makes it easy for you to watch later at your convenience.


  1. If you watch at least three minutes of a show that’s available in On Demand, just go to Menu > Saved > Continue Watching – you’ll find it here.
  2. To find shows in On Demand, tap Menu > Box Sets & Movies > Categories. Pick a genre and select Show All.
  3. Find the show you want and add it to your Watchlist by tapping the + button (below episode info). To watch it, tap Menu > Saved > Watchlist. Your Watchlist is synced across all your Virgin TV Go devices.


5. You can control Virgin TV Go with your voice

Make finding your favourite shows even easier with voice search.


  1. Tap the microphone icon.
  2. Say the name of the show you want.
  3. Start watching!


6. You can keep the kids entertained

Children love grabbing their devices and getting stuck into their favourite programmes – and as well as their favourite live channels, there are tons of kids’ shows available in On Demand for them to watch over and over again (as they do).


  1. Tap Menu > Box Sets & Movies > Categories.
  2. Select Kids.
  3. Let them find their favourite shows from a huge selection including Cocomelon, Side Hustle, PAW Patrol and Teen Titans Go!


7. You can set up parental controls

No-one should be watching anything that’s inappropriate – and that’s easy to control with the Virgin TV Go app.


  1. Apple users, tap the settings wheel > Parental Controls. Android users, tap Settings > Change PIN or Settings > Parental Controls > Change PIN.
  2. Enter your PIN. (If you can’t remember it, you can reset it to the default and we’ll send it to you in a message.)
  3. Create and confirm your new four-digit PIN for all your Virgin TV Go devices.


8. You can watch movies from Sky Cinema

If you’re a Sky Cinema subscriber, all the great movies it offers – from the latest hits like Spider-Man: No Way Home (from 15 July) to timeless classics – are available to you on the Virgin TV Go app to watch live or whenever it suits you.


  1. Tap Menu > Box Sets & Movies.
  2. Find the movie you want.
  3. Watch it right now or download it to watch later.

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TV Go: Content available to view depends on TV package. Not all channels/content from relevant pack available. Live streaming and On Demand requires broadband/WiFi or 3G/4G/5G access. UK only. Access via PC, Mac or TV Go App (selected iOS devices and Android™ devices only). Maximum 5 compatible devices per account can watch TV. Maximum 2 compatible devices per account can watch TV simultaneously.

TV Control: Access TV Control via TV Control app (selected iOS, Android & Fire devices only). TV Control requires TiVo or Virgin TV V6 set top box.

Catch Up TV: Catch Up TV content available for up to 7 days or up to 30 days after broadcast, depending on content.

On Demand: Content available to view depends on TV package. Time limits apply for viewing chargeable On Demand content – see Once purchased, all chargeable On Demand content must be viewed within 48 hours. Premium channels and upgrades must be kept for at least 30 days.