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Here’s how to get connected with WiFi Max and the fastest WiFi guarantee of any major provider 

By Virgin Media

Our WiFi guarantee with WiFi Max is our promise you’ll enjoy download speeds of at least 30Mbps in every room or get £100 bill credit. 


It’s backed up by our signal-boosting mesh WiFi Pods (if needed) and Intelligent WiFi service – at no extra cost with Gig1 Fibre Broadband and our Volt packages. You can also add WiFi Max to our M125 to M500 Fibre Broadband packs (without Volt) for £8 a month with your first WiFi Pod provided automatically.


Whether you’re upstairs or downstairs, get fast reliable WiFi gliding through every room or money back. Our WiFi Pods adapt to how and when you WiFi, and automatically tackle issues before you need to. With our free Virgin Media Connect app, you can check your speeds to see if you need a WiFi Pod, keep track of all your connected devices and loads more. To find out more about the Connect app and to download, click here.


Why stumble when you can soar? Watch our latest film about our WiFi guarantee, demonstrating our commitment to delivering fantastic connectivity, reliability and speed. Then read to learn more about the benefits.


Top of the pods

WiFi Max comes with up to three signal-boosting WiFi Pods (if needed), which use advanced mesh WiFi tech to create an extended WiFi network that covers even the hard-to-reach spots. These genius little gadgets can help give you even more reliable browsing, gaming and show-streaming power, right where you need it. Just plug in to play on.


Stay connected with problem-sorting Intelligent WiFi

Thanks to Intelligent WiFi technology, our Hub and Pods learn how, where and when you use your WiFi. So, you can relax while your WiFi network automatically looks after itself – and solves many common issues before you even notice. Perfect when you pile on the gadgets. Even nicer when Nan’s videocalling.


Manage devices and check your WiFi speeds with our Connect app

Grab our free Virgin Media Connect app for your compatible mobile or tablet. It makes WiFi-ing much simpler and puts you in control. You can check WiFi speeds to your Hub and devices, manage all your WiFi Pods, tackle common WiFi hiccups, get expert help and loads more, all in one place. You can also check out how all your WiFi Pods are doing – see their signal strength, see which devices are connected to each one, get troubleshooting tips, rename them and much more.


If you need a second or third WiFi Pod, log in to My Virgin Media via the website or app and get in touch, or contact us using one of our accessible contact options including text relay and video relay here.


Want to learn more?

To find out more about our fast WiFi guarantee and see what you can do, click here.

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Eligible Virgin Fibre areas only. WiFi Guarantee available with M125 broadband or faster. £8p/m extra or included with Gig1 or Volt. At least 30 Mbps download speeds in every room or £100 one-off credit. Up to 3 WiFi Pods if needed. Exclusions & legal stuff apply. 

Fastest WiFi guarantee of any major provider: Compared to major UK ISPs. Terms of guarantee vary by provider. To verify, see

The fastest WiFi guarantee of any major provider, at no extra cost with Gig1 Fibre Broadband and our Volt packages only.

WiFi Guarantee with WiFi Max: Available to Virgin Media residential broadband customers on M125 broadband or faster provided you are not taking services in any of our 2022/2023 network expansion areas. Existing Intelligent WiFi Plus customers will be individually informed when they are moved to WiFi Max. £8 a month add-on or at no extra cost for Ultimate Oomph, Gig1 and Volt customers. If you don’t get download speeds of at least 30Mbps in every room, if needed we’ll provide up to 3 WiFi Pods. If that still doesn’t do the trick we’ll give you a one-off credit of £100 off your next bill. Guarantee and eligibility for pods does not cover broadband faults or network outages.   Pods subject to stock availability, require self-installation via QuickStart and can be delivered via Click & Collect or optional home delivery (£5 delivery charge may apply). Equipment remains property of Virgin Media. Exclusions and further terms apply. Terms of guarantee vary by provider. To verify, see

My Virgin Media app: Requires compatible Android 6.0 or iOS 11 or later mobile or tablet.

Virgin Mobile customers: The app will work on a device (iPhone, cellular-enabled iPad, Android phone or cellular-enabled tablet) where a Virgin Mobile SIM is present and the App has verified your SIM (whilst you on the Virgin Mobile data network). If you have got a Pay As You Go plan, remember to register for a My Virgin Media account first).

Broadband, TV and home phone customers: The app will work on a device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet) where sign in has been completed using My Virgin Media account details. It’s not always possible to guarantee that we’ll be able to offer this app on every device, platform and operating system version or variant. Terms and conditions apply. Further Legal Stuff applies – see