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Celebrate the best of British TV

Celebrate the best of British TV

Watch fantastic telly from homegrown talent in one handy, dandy place

British TV is the bee’s knees – and we’ve brought together all the telly you love in one place...

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Among the list of things the British do best, queuing and being polite are top of the pile. But something we need to shout about more is just how BRILLIANT this nation is at creating excellent and absorbing television! Forget all those glossy American shows, because when it comes to storytelling, we do it better than anybody else.


And Virgin TV is home to all of the best British series you could possibly ask for. Our Smart Search makes it ridiculously easy for you to find your favourite shows from your favourite channels and start watching immediately, all powered by Virgin Media’s ultrafast fibre. Whether its reality shows you’re after, or hard-hitting drama, or if you just want to learn something new, we’ve got you covered.


Check out the best of the British below…

Keep calm and carry on laughing

Michelle kindly showing James how to smile in photos with a practical, hands-on demonstration.

Things don’t get more banter-ful than these TV shows – and, as you well know, Brits are excellent at dishing out the humour and taking it in equal measure. Laugh along with some lovable characters (fictional and real) when you’re in need of a pick-me-up or just want a sure-fire way to put a smile on your face. Who doesn’t want that?


Titles include…

Your Face Or Mine?
Katherine Ryan and Jimmy Carr host this hilarious gameshow where contestants put their attractiveness to test (and often, their relationships to boot).


The Cockfields
Joe Wilkinson (Him & Her) stars in this charming GOLD comedy about taking your girlfriend (Diane Morgan) home for the first time.

Find out more about The Cockfields here


Hosted by Greg Davies and Alex Horne, it puts celebrities to test by asking the big questions. Questions like: can you impress the mayor of Chesham?


The Inbetweeners
You will have almost certainly watched it a million time already. And we can guarantee the millionth and first time is just as good.


Derry Girls
Set amid the Irish Troubles in Derry, it deals with the big issues. Namely, boys, exams and the chippy on a Friday. (Well, it is about teenage girls).

Read our interview with the cast of Derry Girls


Friday Night Dinner
Simon Bird (The Inbetweeners) and Tom Rosenthal (Plebs) head round for Shabbat dinner. Squirrel is most certainly not on the menu.


Red Dwarf
The long-running sitcom continues to boldly go into new territory. The only thing that never changes is the bunch of smegheads it follows...


In The Long Run
Created by and starring Idis Elba, this semi-autobiographical comedy set in the 80s and co-starring Bill Bailey is well worth your time.


Keep calm and keep it real

“Kelvin Fletcher may have taken my place on Strictly, but I bet he’ll be rubbish,” laughs Jamie Laing, seconds before Kelvin’s first dance. (He never laughed again.)

Reality shows are often referred to as a “guilty pleasure”, but we say be loud and proud about your TV preferences! If you’re looking for escapism, relatability or just a bit of fun, the shows listed below have your back. From Essex, to Chelsea, to Newcastle, to a very exclusive wedding dress shop… enter whole new worlds without even needing to leave the comfort of your couch (subtitles optional).


Titles include…

Geordie Shore
The opposite of a quiet night at the library. Unless The Library is the name for a new club in Newcastle, and there’s an offer on shots...


The Only Way Is Essex
The show that gave the world Gemma Collins (thanks babes!). Follow the trials and tribulations of these colourful characters.


Made In Chelsea
See how the other half live as this reality favourite follows the monied men and women of Chelsea and its surrounding areas.


Say Yes To The Dress
Following nervous brides (and their very opinionated families!!!) as they search for a dress for their big day.


Keep calm and carry on discovering

“Seriously now Jane, I was sitting there. I just went to get these grapes. I don’t want to call security… again!”

Bring loads of interesting facts, knowledge and trivia into your home with shows that awaken your sense of curiosity and wonder. Whatever you’re into, there’s probably a programme that covers it. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even be inspired to try something different or embark on an adventure. The possibilities are endless. Cruise, anyone?


Titles include…

Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild
Ben Fogle meets the intrepid people who have reinvented the 9-to-5 in some of the most incredible locations around the world.


Cruising With Jane McDonald
If you know you know. This show has legions of fans, and we dare anyone to watch this show and not become an immediate super stan!


Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over
The investigative reporter Stacey Dooley spends 72 hours with a range of characters and families as she tries to find out what life is like in modern Britain.


Top Gear
Back with a new presenting trio in Freddie Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris, whisper it quietly, but this show is back to its prime...


Keep calm and keep a stiff upper lip

When you buys shorts that are exactly the right length to stand in that bit of water.

Some series are so iconic, they’ve become engrained into Britain’s DNA. While shows such as Morse and Downton Abbey will forever go down in history as the all-time greats, a new breed of dramatic British Box Set is emerging. The likes of Endeavour and The Durrells are paving the way in entertainment, giving nods to programmes that inspired them and quickly becoming our new favourites.


Titles include…

Telling the early days of the titular Oxford police constable, this prequel series to the long-running Inspector Morse is as good as its predecessor.


Set in mid 1950s France, it follows Jules Maigret (Rowan Atkinson), a highly-skilled detective of the Paris Brigade Criminelle.


The Durrells
Starring Keeley Hawes (The Bodyguard), a slice of life in the gorgeous island of Corfu is just the tonic during these cold winter nights.

Find out everything you need to know about the real Durrells


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