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Enter the Darklands

Enter the Darklands

Discover why you don’t want to miss this gritty new crime drama, exclusive to Virgin Media

A tale of bloody gang warfare, hard knocks and a quest for the truth. You’ll be floored by our latest Virgin Media original

Darklands, Monday 25 November, 9pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 999). Available to all customers in On Demand > Box Sets

We love bringing you stunningly good dramas. From top international shows and homegrown favourites to our own exclusive productions, it’s stellar storytelling that makes us tick. The next unmissable series to have you eating out the palm of its hand? Say hello to the intense Darklands.


Set in Dublin, this six-part Virgin Media original follows tenacious teenager Damien Dunne (Dane Whyte O’Hara), who dreams of leaving his tough neighbourhood behind and becoming a mixed martial arts fighter. But his plan to rise above his surroundings and create a new life for himself is put on ice when his reckless older brother goes missing.

Dane Whyte O’Hara in Darklands

Attempting to discover what has happened to his sibling, Damien finds himself plunged into a violent world of drugs, gangs, naked aggression and blood-soaked violence. Amid this brutal urban warfare, has he bitten off more than he can chew?


Virgin Media customers with a V6 box on the Maxit or Full House TV package will be able to watch Darklands exclusively from 9pm on Monday 25 November on Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 999). If you miss out, or if you don’t have access to Virgin TV Ultra HD, you’ll be able to watch in On Demand.


Darklands is ready to deliver a sucker punch to your Monday nights on Virgin TV Ultra HD. Here, we bring you all the reasons why you should tune in…


Love Peaky Blinders? You’ll love this

Immoral gangland shenanigans are very much a thing in Darklands, but Peaky Blinders isn’t the only show it shares tonal similarities with. Like Shane Meadows’ This Is England series and even edgy teen drama Skins, Darklands is not afraid to take an unvarnished look at themes such as power, the complexity of family relationships and the challenges faced by young people.


It’s based on real life

Co-writer Adam Coates used his own harrowing experience of gang warfare to help pen Darklands. His older brother Shane was part of Dublin’s notorious Westies gang and disappeared for two years before he was found murdered in Spain. While Coates insists the case didn’t directly influence the series, he admits it undoubtedly informed his contribution to the show.


The cast rocks

Find out more about the stars of the show by clicking/hovering on the faces below.


It explores why people join gangs

Darklands takes an unflinching look at why teenagers are drawn to the gang lifestyle. Confronted by a difficult choice in the pursuit of his brother, Damien must pick a side in the ongoing turf war. If drama is meant enlighten as well as entertain, Darklands definitely ticks both boxes.


The women are as tough as the guys

Amid the testosterone-fuelled MMA scenes and unflinching violence, Darklands is surprisingly rich with strong female characters. Whether it’s Damien’s mum, his girlfriend or the gangland bosses who rule the roost, the women in this bleak world underpin much of the action.


It’s in Ultra High Definition!

Large parts of Darklands take place in Dublin’s shadowy underworld, and watching in Ultra High Definition immerses you in the grim surroundings. You’ll want to reach out and touch the blood, sweat and tears. Maybe. Plus, on the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel you can watch the whole thing without any ad breaks. Result!


How to access the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel

You’ll find all the details explaining what you need here. Then simply press the up button on the EPG to easily access this great show on the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel!


Want to see more in Ultra High Definition?

Find the latest on all the stellar drama, incredible documentaries and thrilling music concerts available in 4K exclusively on Virgin TV Ultra HD.

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