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The Hurting: The Hurtiest

The Hurting: The Hurtiest

Comedian Jake Yapp is back with more side-splitting fails as the chaotic clip show returns on Dave!

If, like us, you have a questionable craving for watching strangers trip, fall, flounder and fail from the comfort of your sofa, we may have the show for you...

The Hurting: The Hurtiest, Mondays from 21 January, 7pm, Dave/HD (CH 127/227)

As incredible and groundbreaking as a dramatisation of Tears For Fears’ debut album The Hurting would have been for both music lovers and TV fans alike, comedian Jake Yapp’s clip-show, The Hurting: The Hurtiest is by no means a disappointing compromise.


Expect plenty of bashed shins, bruised elbows and bonked noggins galore in what is undoubtedly, we think, one of the craziest clip shows in the genre’s long, illustrious history.

If watching strangers across the world stumble their way through life wasn’t good enough, Yapp lends his razor-sharp wit and dulcet tones to provide both side-splitting commentary and the odd show tune or two to each and every fail.


To top it all off, the newfound tradition of titling each new series with an increasingly odd subtitle has continued, with the latest following on from The Hurting: Even Hurtier by promising to be the hurtiest.


As such, we’d be more than happy to throw The Hurting: This Time It’s Hurteronal, 2 The 2 Hurting, The Shawshank Hurting or even Lawrence Of The Hurting into the mix as suggestions for future series.


The Hurting: The Hurtiest

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Image credits: The Hurting: The Hurtiest © UKTV / Steve Ullathorne