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The best of Virgin TV at Easter

The best of Virgin TV at Easter

Keep the whole family entertained this Easter with Virgin TV. Box Sets, movies, live channels and apps – there’s something for everyone

By Simon Ward, Content Director

Easter is upon us. You know the drill. Suddenly, everything you read at this time of year crams in unnecessary mentions of chocolate eggs, the Easter bunny or daffodils. Every shop window is screaming, “Egg-cellent deals” or “Hop this way” like they genuinely believe they’re Michael McIntyre. In those moments, we feel your pain.


We’re not going to do any of that. We’re just going to recommend some top telly across Virgin TV to keep the whole family entertained this Easter. Box Sets, movies, live channels and streaming apps – there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget, you can take Virgin TV with you when you travel (including a tonne of Box Sets) with Virgin TV Go.


No egg puns. No nonsense. Just the stuff you love. Here are a few highlights…


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

Available in Apps > Paramount+ now or from Friday 22 March in Sky Cinema on demand. Cert PG

Following the Michael Bay-produced live-action movies featuring the heroes in half shells, this animated action/comedy from The Mitchells Vs. The Machines director Jeff Rowe takes the Turtles back to their roots. And not just in its storytelling. As with The Mitchells, the visual flair on show will take your breath away – this feels like the living, breathing version of a comic book where TMNT first appeared. This time, the masked reptiles face their toughest task to date: fitting in as normal teenagers. They also must battle mutants. With a script from Rowe, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (writers of Superbad and Pineapple Express), this a treat.


Ninjago: Dragons Rising

Find it on Boomerang (CH 730) from Monday 25 March

This is the sequel to Ninjago, the animated show based on the LEGO heroes and sets that ran for a whopping 15 seasons. A phenomenon known as “The Merge” has combined Ninjago Island with different realms to form one continent on a planet filled with adventure, power, mystery… and dragons. But where are the ninjas to stop the forces of evil from destroying this new world? It’s up to Lloyd, plus civilians Arin and Sora, to reassemble the team.



Available from Good Friday in Sky Cinema on demand. Cert 12

There have been few films in the history of cinema that have captured the world’s attention as much as Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. The fact the movie, based on the iconic plastic doll, also captured our hearts shows that its success wasn’t just clever marketing. It’s the real deal, as demonstrated by all its award nods. Stereotypical Barbie (Margot Robbie, Babylon) goes on a journey of self-discovery following a sudden existential crisis. Throw in a peerless turn from Ryan Gosling as Ken and a speech for the ages by America Ferrera and you have a film that’s surprising, funny and brilliant.


PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie

Available from Good Friday in Sky Cinema on demand or in Apps > Paramount+. Cert U

If you have little ones who love PAW Patrol and the hilarious and heroic antics of the search and rescue dogs, then the release of this sequel to PAW Patrol: The Movie will be music to your ears. (Although maybe not after the 22nd time they’ve asked to watch it.) When a magical meteor crash lands in Adventure City, it gives the pups superpowers, transforming them into The Mighty Pups. See if you can spot some of the famous types lending their voices to the film, including Kristen Bell, James Marsden, Kim Kardashian and Trevor McDonald.


Renegade Nell

Find season 1 in Apps > Disney+ from Good Friday

Nell Jackson, a quick-witted and courageous young woman, finds herself framed for murder and unexpectedly becomes the most notorious outlaw in 18th-century England. But when a magical spirit called Billy Blind appears, Nell realizes her destiny is bigger than she ever imagined. Renegade Nell stars Louisa Harland (Derry Girls) in the leading role of Nell Jackson.


Madame Web

Premium release. Available to buy or rent from Saturday 30 March. Cert 12

Starring Dakota Johnson (21 Jump Street), Sydney Sweeney (Anyone But You) and Adam Scott (Step Brothers), this is the origin story of one of Marvel’s most enigmatic heroines. Previously depicted in the Spider-Man comics as an older woman, here the young Cassie Webb (Johnson) is a Manhattan paramedic who develops the power to see and change the future. When she meets three young women bound for greatness, she’ll need to confront her past and survive a deadly present. With some neat nods to the OG wallcrawler and big action, this is Madame Web as you’ve never seen her before.


SpongeBob SquarePants

Find it in On Demand from Easter Monday

Nicktoons is taking us under the sea this Easter with SpongeBob SquarePants and his best friend and breakout star (who also happens to be a starfish), Patrick. Join the carefree, unwaveringly optimistic sponge for laughs, silliness, adventures and a whole lot more. This show has been keeping kids entertained for almost 25 years – and it’s easy to see why.


Peppa Pig

Find it on Nick Jr. (CH 715) from Easter Monday

So universally popular is this show about the anthropomorphic animated pig, parents across the US have claimed that their children were acquiring English accents thanks to Peppa and her friends. You’re welcome, America! Comic mishaps and life lessons (plus maybe elocution coaching as well) abound in this TV smash, making it a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that’ll turn any Easter tantrum into a giggle-fest.


We Baby Bears

Find it in On Demand from Easter Monday

Cartoon Network’s brilliant We Bare Bears was a big hit across 140 episodes, and its spin-off following Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear as cubs is a real treat. In this series, the three baby bear brothers are granted a magical box that can transport them to any place in the universe. A very different show from the original, but no less charming.


Popularity Papers

Find it on Nickelodeon HD (CH 712) from Friday 5 April

How do you become popular? No, seriously, how do you do it? Because everything we tried in high school was… off. Maybe we’ll finally find out here as two best friends are on a quest to discover the answer and conquer middle school. Along the way, besties Julie and Lydia learn unexpected lessons about the value of friendship, kindness and confidence. It’s based on the popular book series written and illustrated by Amy Ignatow.


Tiny Toons Looniversity

Find it on Boomerang (CH 730) from Monday 15 April

You might remember 90s cartoon Tiny Toon Adventures about a group of young cartoon characters who attend school to learn how to be the next generation of Looney Tunes characters. Now it’s back and rebooted (retooned?) featuring slightly older versions of the characters to entertain your next generation. Buster, Babs and the gang head to Acme Looniversity, the esteemed institution of higher hijinks learning, where young dreamers become professional toons.



Find it on Paramount+ from Friday 12 April and on Nick Jr. (CH 715) from Monday 15 April

Plucky adventurer Dora has a new look! Join Dora and her red-booted monkey pal, the aptly named Boots. Guided by trustworthy Map, Dora and her new friends must work together to overcome challenges (including the sneakiest fox, Swiper!), while travelling through the rainforest on expeditions as educational as they are fun!  


Zokie Of Planet Ruby  

Find it on Nickelodeon HD (CH 712) from Wednesday 17 April

When your best hot-take video only gets one “like” when you post it online, we feel you. Ten-year-old vlogger Ruby knows that pain too, with only one follower on her video channel – but that follower is a tail-zapping space alien from the planet Pudge named Zokie Sparkleby. When they become best pals, Ruby teaches Zokie about her version of Earth, while Zokie learns to control his unpredictable powers.


Watch on the go

If you subscribe to Sky Cinema on Virgin TV, you can watch on the go with Virgin TV Go. And with loads of sport and Box Sets to try out, too, you’ll always be entertained wherever you are!


The app is available to all Virgin TV customers at no extra cost and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows 10 and PC/Mac. Get downloading (from the links below) and you’ll be one step closer to watching what you want, when you want. 


Download the Virgin TV Go app from the Apple app store

Download the Virgin TV Go app from Google Play

Download the Virgin TV Go app for Windows 10


Upgrade to Sky Cinema now

Don’t have Sky Cinema? You can find out about our Sky Cinema package and upgrade here.


Register on Virgin Media Store to buy the latest movies and TV shows

Sign up now at and choose from hundreds of films and TV Box Sets and start watching instantly.


All Virgin Media customers armed with a TiVo® box or a V6 box powered by TiVo® can go to On Demand > Movies > Store. If you have Virgin TV 360 box or Stream from Virgin Media, go to Box Sets & Movies > STORE.


You can access online and watch on your registered iOS and Android devices with the Virgin Media Store app.


You can also rent the latest films

If you watch TV on a TiVo® box or Virgin TV V6 box powered by TiVo®, go to On Demand > Movies > Store. If you have a Virgin TV 360 box or Stream from Virgin Media, go to Box Sets & Movies > STORE.


Search for a title, or browse by category such as Out This Week or Most Popular. Once you’ve found the movie you want to rent, select Watch now to start watching instantly. Then sit back and enjoy! You’ll have up to 48 hours to finish watching your film.

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