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Everything you need to know about Murder, They Hope

Everything you need to know about Murder, They Hope

The North’s “most underrated” detectives are back for another round of whodunnit 

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With their coach tour business in tatters following the Middlesbrough leg of their last misadventure, the dynamic duo are turning their attention to private detective work.


The new three-part UKTV series sees the return of Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson, who reprise their roles as Terry and Gemma. Following the events of previous instalments Murder On The Blackpool Express, Death On The Tyne and Dial M For Middlesbrough, the hapless pair are ready to explore a new line of work.


What’s happened so far?

Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson in Dial M For Middlesbrough

Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson in Dial M For Middlesbrough

Terry and Gemma work (or rather worked) for Draper’s Tours. While there, they unfortunately got embroiled in a series of mysterious murders. In the debut entry, Murder On The Blackpool Express, someone on their coach was bumping off fellow travellers. And although the tour itself was a murder mystery experience, they didn’t foresee it becoming quite so literal.


Cast members in Murder, They Hope

After surviving that debacle, they ditched the wheels and took to the water in Death On The Tyne. The second instalment saw the duo aboard the Empress of Tyne – a ferry travelling from Newcastle to Amsterdam. Although they’d managed to put the events in Blackpool behind them, another murderer just so happened to be on the loose. And this time, there was nowhere to get off!


The pair eventually made it back onto dry land – and in one piece. But, as fate would have it, trouble soon found them in Dial M For Middlesbrough, with yet another killer stalking the gang in a creepy caravan park.


What is Murder, They Hope about?

Being a private investigator might look glamorous in the movies – dark sunglasses, large-collared trench coats and low-riding fedoras – but for Terry and Gemma, the work just isn’t coming in… which is surprising given their track record. With no income, and Draper’s Tours behind them, they’re forced to move in with Gemma’s sister, Monica (Sarah Hadland).


The main sticking point with Terry and Gemma’s new job is that they’re terrible at it. The perfect set-up for a polished, live-action pantomime. Thankfully, they’re a resourceful pair, and instead of waiting around for the work to land in their laps, it’s time to get creative.

Who’s in Murder, They Hope?

Cast members in Murder, They Hope

There’s an all-star line-up bundled into this one, including: Lee Mack (Not Going Out), Paul Whitehouse (The Fast Show), Hannah Waddingham (Sex Education), Kiell Smith-Bynoe (Ghosts), Adrian Scarborough (Gavin & Stacey), Jason Barnett (Bridgerton), Layton Williams (Bad Education), Nitin Ganatra (EastEnders), Steve Edge (Benidorm), Janine Duvitski (Benidorm) and comedian Jason Manford.


When is GOLD’s Murder, They Hope on TV?

Murder, They Hope airs on GOLD HD (CH 124) on Saturdays at 9pm, with the first episode screening on 8 May. It is also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > GOLD.


The three-part series will subsequently air ever week until Saturday 22 May.

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