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5 more workouts like P.E With Joe

5 more workouts like P.E With Joe


The nation’s PE teacher is helping us all stay healthy right now, but he’s not the only fitness guru online

By Virgin TV Edit

It’s official: we can’t get enough of Joe Wicks. Millions of us are tuning into his live P.E lessons every morning at the moment, staying active in the process (unless you just watch while eating your cereal on the sofa).


You can catch up with his latest workout videos on his YouTube channel here. Want to discover even more wonderful workouts that you can do in your living room? Then check out these five fitness gurus ready to get you moving.

Read on to discover more home workouts like P.E. With Joe...


1. Cole Chance Yoga

Find it on YouTube (CH 198)

Yoga is a great way to stay physically fit and mentally healthy. From videos for beginners to specific stretches to help various aches and pains, Cole Chance has got you covered.


2. Dewey Nielsen

Find it on YouTube (CH 198)

If your life feels like one big bag of crisps right now, we don’t blame you. Let a series of quick workouts from Dewey Nielsen help you feel less guilty.


3. Gold Medal Bodies

Find it on YouTube (CH 198)

These experts have backgrounds in gymnastics and martial arts, but don’t be intimidated. Their easy-to-understand workouts are great for getting fit in your front room.


4. Yoga By Candace

Find it on YouTube (CH 198)

A simple yoga routine you can do without even having to climb out of bed in the morning? Count us in! (Just remember to get out of bed eventually.)


5. Thenx

Find it on YouTube (CH 198)

Fancy using your extra time indoors to get ripped? From beginners’ exercises to more advanced workouts, it’s time to feel the burn with these guys (and then have a good lie down afterwards).


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