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It’s time to discover The Passage

It’s time to discover The Passage

Star Mark-Paul Gosselaar reveals what makes FOX’s latest sci-fi drama an absolute must-watch

From executive producer Ridley Scott and writer/director Matt Reeves (Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes) comes a US series that’s seriously big on thrills

The Passage, continues Tuesday 5 February, 9pm, FOX/HD (CH 157/199). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > FOX

Based on Justin Cronin’s bestselling book trilogy, The Passage blends fast-paced action, conspiracy theories and unforgettable terror to tell the story of Project NOAH, a shady government research facility working on experiments that could have a devastating effect on humanity.


Missed the first three episodes? No problem! You can find them right now in Catch Up TV. But before you get stuck into this terrific ten-parter, read on to discover what it’s all about…


Mark-Paul Gosselaar (yep, that’s Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell) stars as Brad Wolgast, a federal agent who decides to protect a young girl (Saniyya Sidney, Hidden Figures) earmarked as a test subject by Project Noah. Little is known about this government research centre, other than that its scientists are working with a volatile virus that could hold the key to eradicating all diseases.


Wolgast’s decision to go rogue sees him encounter a mysterious new race of beings called virals, who possess disturbing powers. And with their escape from the facility looking increasingly imminent, is the wider world prepared for the chaos that could be unleashed?


Already a hit with viewers, find out from star Mark-Paul Gosselaar why you need to catch up on The Passage


The Passage

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