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It’s all about U!

It’s all about U!

All you need to know about the changes coming to Dave, Drama, Yesterday, W and more, as well as the new U streaming service. Plus, what to watch next across the platform

By Virgin TV Edit

Fed up of turning on your TV and seeing nothing but the Euros, Wimbledon and coverage of all the other giant summer sporting events? We’ve got you covered.


From Tuesday 16 July you’ll see U& added to the names of some channels, but it’s only the names that are changing – and their channel numbers will stay the same too.


So you can enjoy all the same brilliant TV as usual but under some new names: Drama HD becomes U&DRAMA HD (CH 116), W HD becomes U&W HD (CH 125), Dave HD becomes U&Dave HD (CH 127) and Yesterday HD becomes U&YESTERDAY HD (CH 129). Meanwhile the streaming service UKTV Play, available to all viewers at no extra cost, will simply become U


And with this new announcement comes a big bundle of quality telly, with new programming, exclusive shows, award-winning originals and UK premieres. The best part? It’s completely free for you to watch. Swish.


If you can’t wait to get stuck in, then read on to discover our top picks across U that you can watch now or later this year. From gritty crime and heart-stopping drama to witty comedy and bingeworthy entertainment, there’s something for everyone with U’s extraordinary range of shows.



Looking for a laugh? Then you’ve come to the right place. On U&Dave HD (CH 127) you’ll find some of the biggest names in comedy doing what they do best. Tune in for Jimmy Carr’s new celebrity gameshow Battle In The Box, BAFTA-winning series cooking series Big Zuu’s Big Eats and more.


  • Big Zuu’s Big Eats – Find series 1-4 in Apps > U now
  • Sons Of Anarchy – Find seasons 1-7 from Monday 8 July on U&Dave and in Apps > U
  • Mike – Find it in Apps > U from Wednesday 10 July and on U&Dave later this year
  • Battle In The Box – Find series 1 from Tuesday 16 July on U&Dave and in Apps > U
  • Orlando Bloom: To The Edge – Find series 1 from Tuesday 16 July in Apps > U and on U&Dave from August
  • Rosie Jones’s Disability Comedy Extravaganza – Find series 3 from August on U&Dave and in Apps > U. Series 1-2 available now
  • World’s Most Dangerous Roads – Series 3 coming later this year on U&Dave and in Apps > U. Series 1-2 available now


If you love delicious dramas and mysterious whodunnit crime series, then you’ll love U&DRAMA HD (CH 116). Solve grisly murder cases with Sister Boniface Mysteries, follow the drama in Whitstable Pearl or immerse yourself in Classic EastEnders. Coming up there’s the all-new series of reimagined classic drama Bergerac.



  • Sister Boniface Mysteries – Find series 1-3 in Apps > U now
  • The Bill – Find series 1-26 in Apps > U now
  • EastEnders – Find series 21-22 in Apps > U now
  • Whitstable Pearl – Find series 2 in Apps > U from Tuesday 16 July and on U&DRAMA from Thursday 25 July. Series 1 available now
  • Ragdoll – Find series 1 in Apps > U from Tuesday 16 July
  • The Marlow Murder Club – Find series 2 on U&DRAMA in 2025. Series 1 available now
  • Outrageous – Find series 1 on U&DRAMA in 2025
  • Bergerac – Find series 1 on U&DRAMA in 2025


Whether you’re a history buff or like learning about how our world works, U&YESTERDAY HD (CH 129) has the best history, science and transport documentaries around. Don’t miss new series of Bangers & Cash and Abandoned Engineering.



  • Find It, Fix It, Flog It – Find series 8 in Apps > U now
  • Secrets Of The London Underground – Find series 1-4 on U&YESTERDAY and in Apps > U now
  • Abandoned Engineering – Find series 13 from July on U&YESTERDAY and in Apps > U. Series 1-12 available now
  • Bangers & Cash – Find series 10 from August on U&YESTERDAY and in Apps > U. Series 1-9 available now
  • Rise Of The Nazis – Find it from August on U&YESTERDAY and in Apps > U


A quality mix of heartwarming shows finding the joy in everyday moments, U&W HD (CH 125) is home to a dazzling mix of entertainment. Investigate how the other half live in Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over and get a taste of celebrity life in Gemma & Gorka: Life Behind The Lens.



  • Gemma & Gorka: Life Behind The Lens – Find series 1-2 in Apps > U now
  • Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over – Find series 1-3 in Apps > U now
  • Katie Piper’s Jailhouse Mums – Find series 1 in Apps > U now
  • Katherine Ryan: Parental Guidance – Find series 1 in Apps > U now
  • Love Me – Find series 1 + 2 in Apps > U now
  • Big Brunch – Find season 1 from August on U&W and in Apps > U

Themed streaming channels

You’ll also find that some of your themed streaming channels have changed too, but again, they’re still in the same place on your channel guide – and they’re still packed with fantastic shows that you can tune into any time.
  • UKTV Play Uncovered becomes U&The Past (CH 227)
Explore the extraordinary, from the battlefield to the home front, ancient monoliths to modern myths, with shows like Abandoned Engineering and Forbidden History.
  • UKTV Play Heroes becomes U&Real Heroes (CH 228)
Join frontline medics and police at life’s most dramatic moments, with everyday heroism on show in series like Emma Willis: Delivering Babies and Special Ops: Crime Squad.
  • UKTV Play Full Throttle becomes U&Transport (CH 229)
Take to the skies, the tracks or the road, in shows packed with planes, trains, cars and more. Featuring the likes of Bangers & Cash and The Architecture The Railways Built.
  • UKTV Play Laughs becomes U&LAUGHS (CH 241)
Comedy lovers can sit back, relax and lose themselves in the lighter side of life. Shows include Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable and Comedians Giving Lectures.

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Battle Of The Box © UKTV

Big Zuu’s Big Eats © UKTV / Matt Writtle

Sister Boniface Mysteries © BBC Studios 2023

Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over © UKTV / Jon Hall

Secrets Of The London Underground © UKTV / The Other Richard