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Will & Grace

Do you remember 2006?

Do you remember 2006?

As Will & Grace comes back to screens, let’s do the time warp back to the noughties…  

More than a decade after we bid our fond farewells to Eric McCormack’s Will Truman and Debra Messing’s Grace Adler, the best friends are back for a new, ninth series

Will & Grace. Fridays from 5 January, 10pm, Channel 5/HD (CH 105/150). Also available for 7 days in Catch Up > Channels > Channel 5

The groundbreaking show was radical in its time for its inclusion of a gay character in a titular role. Former vice president Joe Biden even cited Will & Grace as having done more to shift popular perception of homosexuality in America than almost anything else. Throughout its eight-year run, the sitcom earned a whopping 16 Emmy awards, and was nominated for nearly 100. Now, after an 11-year hiatus, Will & Grace is joining the likes of Gilmore Girls and Dynasty and experiencing an eagerly-anticipated revival.


It’s ditched the original series ending – which saw Will and Grace lose touch as they started their own families – so don’t expect them to be knee-deep in nappies and doing the school run. And, before you ask, Jack and Karen are of course making a comeback, with Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes both on board. Plus, Michelle Obama is making a very special guest appearance.


Much has changed since we last saw the iconic duo on the small screen in 2006. Facebook was a fledgling corporation that had only recently changed its name from Facemash, Pluto was still technically a planet, Donald Trump did not have a Twitter account and the first generation of the iPhone was yet to be invented.


In homage to Will & Grace’s triumphant return to the telly, test yourself on how much you can remember about the year 2006…

Let's get quizzical 


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