Where was Black Mirror filmed?

25 Jun 2021
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Black Mirror filming locations: City of Westminster College, London

The final episode of season three, Hated in the Nation, imagines a world where being cancelled online can have fatal consequences. This sci-fi police procedural was filmed in London and Gran Canaria. One striking location is the City of Westminster College in Paddington, which stood in for St Columbus Hospital.

Black Mirror filming locations: Millennium Bridge, London

The first-ever episode of Black Mirror was also one of its most controversial, depicting a British Prime Minister committing an unspeakable act on television as a ransom for a kidnapped Royal. One of the most visually arresting scenes in a generally high-impact episode was filmed on Millennium Bridge. This modern steel suspension bridge confronts pedestrians on the Thames south bank with a disconcerting view of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Black Mirror filming locations: Electrowerkz, London

A love story across time, death and reality, season three’s San Junipero is a fan favourite. Although it’s set in California, the episode was mostly filmed on location in Cape Town, South Africa. But one London institution does appear – legendary club Electrowerkz in Islington. Electrowerkz stands in for Quagmire’s, a club where heroine Yorkie tries and fails to find her love interest Kelly.

Black Mirror filming locations: Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik, Iceland

Season four’s Crocodile is a psychological drama in Nordic Noir style. The protagonist, Mia, covers up a hit-and-run committed by a friend. Years later, she is confronted with the possibility that her guilt might be exposed. She reacts by spiralling into violence and deceit. The episode was set in Scotland but filmed in Iceland. The dark-glass Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik, which opened in 2011, lends an added touch of stark drama to the episode’s visuals.

Black Mirror filming locations: Copan Building, São Paolo, Brazil

Season five’s Striking Vipers explores sexuality and fidelity at the border between real life and virtual reality. This episode was filmed in Brazil's São Paulo. The final meeting between the two VR game characters Lance and Roxette was filmed at the Copan Building. With its massive scale and distinctive appearance, this residential building designed by Oscar Niemeyer is one of São Paulo’s best-known landmarks.