What is a WiFi Router and how does it work?

A wireless, or WiFi, router is your gateway to the world wide web and is supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) so you can be online at all times.

What does a wireless (WiFi) router do?

A WiFi router enables you to connect wirelessly to the internet from anywhere in your home on any internet-enabled device. The better it is placed, and the better your broadband deal, the smoother and steadier your internet experience will be.


How does a router work?

The router (or Hub) converts data into radio waves using two frequencies: typically, the 2.4GHz frequency has the longest range while the 5GHz frequency covers short distances faster.

Where should I put my router?

The strength of your WiFi signal across your home will largely depend on where your wireless router is located. So make sure it’s not sitting in an enclosed space, like a TV cabinet, and facing into the room. If you live in a property with thick walls, you may need to move the router to a more central spot.

What if I keep getting a bad signal?

If you’ve positioned your router properly and your devices are still losing signal, buffering or lagging then you might want to think about changing your ISP. Even the best routers can’t boost a bad broadband connection.

What is a WiFi booster?

Instead of getting frustrated at your router, consider adding a wireless extender or booster to your setup to increase the power of the connection around your home. WiFi boosters plug into electrical sockets, so you can place them where you need them to amplify the signal from your router.

For the best results, think about your WiFi router set-up and place the booster, or extender, halfway between your existing router and where you’re getting a poor signal. Then simply plug it into a wall socket!

Connect two routers wirelessly

It can be a bit fiddly to connect two routers wirelessly, but is a great option for creating a reliable extended WiFi network. You’ll use your spare router to replicate the network’s signal.

Some routers may already have this functionality built-in, but if you have an older model, you may need to leave your existing router settings at ‘access point’ mode and set your second router to the ‘repeater’ option. You’ll need the instruction manual for this, but the steps are fairly straightforward.

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