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Virgin Media’s broadband deals offer fantastic value. Our fastest widely available average broadband speeds are 7x quicker than Sky and BT’s, and come in packages to suit any household.


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Take a look at our fantastic broadband deals below. Balance your need for high-speed internet with a monthly package you’re comfortable with.






*O2 sim: Each year your O2 mobile Airtime Plan will be increased by the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation announced in February plus 3.9%. If RPI is negative, we’ll only apply the 3.9%. You’ll see this increase on your April 2022 O2 bill onwards. Since this increase is provided for within your agreement, you will not be able to leave without paying an early termination fee as a result. See O2 Prices.

What is broadband?

Broadband is a high-speed way of connecting to the internet. If you have it in your home it allows you to connect web-enabled devices like phones, laptops and smart TVs to the internet to stream TV shows, make video calls and access websites.

Broadband is a much faster method of connecting to the internet than the previous method, dial-up (sometimes called narrowband) and has largely replaced it in most major countries across the world.

What types of broadband are there?

The three most common types of broadband in the UK are ADSL broadband, Fibre broadband and Cable broadband. Each type of broadband offers different speeds, varying reliability and different ways of data being transmitted. It is generally considered that when it comes to broadband the faster it is, the better your experience. Here’s a breakdown of what each type of broadband is and what it means to you:

This is the most standard and basic broadband connection, which uses copper wires. ADSL uses the same technology as your landline and isn’t as fast as other types of broadband.

Fibre broadband is a super-fast broadband connection that is significantly quicker than ADSL. Fibre broadband isn’t available everywhere, and you should check what coverage it has before trying to purchase it. Fibre broadband has two types: Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and fibre to the premises (FTTP).

What’s the difference between FTTC and FTTP?
Whilst FTTP is a pure fibre optic delivery method, FTTC is a combination of copper and fibre optic cables. Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) uses fibre optic cables right up to the street cabinet, and then a copper line (telephone) to connect the cabinet to your building.

Cable broadband is a different type of fibre connection, and is the type of broadband Virgin Media offer. It still uses fibre optic wires from the broadband exchange to the local street cabinet. However, from the cabinet, it switches to using coaxical cables to your home. Although it’s not as fast as full fibre (FTTP), cable broadband is much faster than ADSL and FTTC broadband.

What broadband deals can I get?

We want you to get the most out of your Virgin Media broadband offering, so we have lots of great options so that you can find the best deal at the best price for you. Explore our broadband postcode checker to see the availability of our services and from there you can explore the best deals Virgin Media has to offer.

Our additional services and packages

Take a look at our broadband deals and get a head start on finding the best package for you.

Broadband only

Broadband only

Don't need a phone service? Scale it back with our broadband only option.

From £25 a month
18-month contract
£35 setup fee applies

See all Broadband only deals

Broadband and phone

Broadband and phone

Stay connected with superfast fibre and calls.

From £28 a month
18-month contract
£35 setup fee applies

See all Broadband and phone deals

Broadband, TV and phone

Broadband, TV and phone

Enjoy superfast broadband, hundreds of top channels and your favourite streaming services.

From £33 a month
18-month contract
£35 setup fee applies

See all Broadband, TV and phone deals

How to find the right broadband deal?

It is a competitive market out there and there are a few different areas to think about before you select the best broadband package for you and your family. Having strong and reliable internet at home has perhaps never been more important; with home schooling, home working and home entertainment commonly all crammed under one roof. Here are three areas you should consider as key factors before you take the plunge and get closer to grabbing a new broadband deal:

Why should you choose Virgin Media broadband?

Ultra-reliable broadband

Ultra-reliable broadband

Faster broadband means more high-quality streams. With Virgin Media, streaming the best shows has never been smoother, even in 4K.

High quality streaming with our broadband

High quality streaming with our broadband

When you compare broadband deals, reliability is a huge factor. Which is good news, as our network is considered 99.95% reliable for connected homes.

High speed broadband options

High speed broadband options

However busy your household is, you can find a broadband package to keep up with your streaming workload. From work-from-homers to hardcore gamers and video callers, our fibre broadband packages cater for everyone.

What can you do with Virgin Media Broadband?

With our Fibre Broadband, the digital world is your oyster. Whether you’re checking out YouTube, streaming your favourite film or binge watching the latest series our fast broadband speeds have you covered. Gamers also can play online, chat with friends and stream to their heart’s content.

Broadband coverage

We’re working hard to bring our Gig1 broadband to as many places in the UK as we can. Right now you can enjoy the service in Southampton, Manchester, Reading, Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Belfast and Cardiff – and their surrounding areas. To find out if your home’s one of the lucky ones, use our broadband postcode checker.

Can I get Fibre broadband?

At Virgin Media, we are keen to help as many homes and businesses we can by providing fibre broadband in their areas. We currently reach just over 44% of homes in the UK and we’re expecting that to rise to almost 53%. We’re aiming to connect around 4 million extra homes and businesses.

There are so many benefits of getting a fibre broadband deal with Virgin Media, none more so than the lightning fast speed. This is a considerable benefit to getting fibre. Fibre is faster than ADSL and can go up to 1Gbps of speed.


What is Gig1 Fibre broadband?

Our Gigabit broadband gives your 1Gbps of download speeds– straight to your Hub. Now everyone in your house can do more, view more and all log-on at the same time.

Unlimited broadband

Our unlimited packages are ideal for homes that are packed with the latest gadgets. If you have a household which has gamers, streamers and a whole bunch of smart technology then you might want to check out our unlimited broadband deals.

What does unlimited broadband actually mean though? Well, some companies such as BT and Sky offer unlimited broadband with certain conditions and caps such as fair usage limits, traffic management and speed throttling which will slow down your usage. At Virgin Media however; unlimited means unlimited.

What broadband speed do I need?

All of our ultra-fast broadband services are suitable for your everyday needs such as:

  • Web browsing
  • HD streaming
  • Voice over IP
  • Online gaming
  • Video calling

    What speed you need really depends on how demanding your internet habits are. For instance, if you are a casual user, whose primary need is to check work emails and watch the occasional YouTube video, then you won’t need as fast a speed as someone who is regularly streaming movies in Ultra HD and sharing large files online regularly.

    For Ultra HD streaming to a TV, we recommend having a broadband service that has an advertised download speed of at least 30Mbps.

What's my current speed?

At Virgin Media we don’t want to leave you second guessing over anything. So that’s why we have created a handy broadband speed checker that enables you to test exactly the speed your broadband is currently operating at. You can do this with both your upload and download speeds to give you a comprehensive look at your current broadband speed performance.

What broadband speeds are available with us?

We've got speeds suitable for every household whether you're a casual browser and streamer, or your home is full to the brim of the latest smart home devices.

Contract lengths

The length of contract on a broadband package is often connected to the type of deal or service you can expect to receive. Virgin Media currently offers 9, 12, 18 or 24 month contracts, and it is always worth weighing up the benefits and deals around and considering all the services you require, such as Sports channels, TV packages, the level of broadband speed you need or whether you might be moving home, before you decide on starting a contract for one of our packages. In addition to this, we've got a range of fantastic, flexible, 30 day rolling broadband contracts on our superfast broadband packages.

If you’re a student you might want to think about how your accommodation situation will change the length that you require. For this we recommend you have a look at our student broadband page and check out the packages and contract lengths available to you.

Is it cheaper to get a bundle with Virgin Media?

Your home, your rules. If you feel the burning need for a full sports, TV and phone bundle to go with your broadband, then we can help you with that at Virgin Media.

Can I switch services or contract lengths?

One of the simplest ways to make changes to your broadband, TV and phone services is through your My Virgin Media account. From here you upgrade parts of your package and see some of the top offers we have for you.

Upfront and set-up costs

With your first monthly bill with us you may notice some additional fees, these will usually be connected with set-up and installation charges. Your set-up fee will be £35, with free Click and Collect delivery – you can also get your QuickStart pack delivered to your home for free.

If your property doesn’t have a connection to the Virgin Media network, we'll send you an engineer to get you set up without an additional fee.

How do I switch to Virgin Media Broadband

With all the great deals and packages on offer, it’s understandable that you might be looking to switch broadband providers to Virgin Media. Here’s what to look out for when you are making the big switchover.

How do I know if I’m out of contract?

Have a quick log-on to your existing provider account or give customer services a call. You might also find the length of your current contract in your latest or quarterly bills. You may also be able to find your contract end date on your broadband provider's app (if you have it downloaded) or by looking through any previous emails or conversations that you’ve had with your provider.

How will I get notified when my contract is up?

This depends on your broadband provider. It’s common that you’ll receive a notification that your contract is coming to an end, this can be in the form of an email or by posting a letter to your address, but if you’re unsure as to when this is, or whether it has already ended, you can get in touch with us to find out.

What information is included in my contract?

In short, everything you need to know about our service is included in your contract, including the internet speeds you can expect as a ‘service level agreement’. We will also explain how your service will be delivered and give you information on the installation options we offer and other extra we provide.

Free gifts, vouchers and add-ons

Super-fast broadband with a fast, reliable service aren't the only things you will get when you sign up with Virgin Media. If you’ve recently joined Virgin Media, you may have been eligible to receive one of our amazing gifts with purchase as part of your chosen package.

In addition to some great free gifts upon joining Virgin Media, you might also be eligible for a shopping voucher. If you do have a voucher attached to your sign-up, then getting it is easy. Your Compliments Select voucher code email from will explain how you can select the voucher for your retailer of choice and include a unique link to the Compliments Select site. From there you can redeem your voucher code and Edenred will send it to you by standard post within 3-5 working days (Monday to Friday).

Broadband service and repairs

From repairs and servicing at no extra cost to helping kids surf safely, we're on hand to boost your broadband experience.

Peace of mind, built in

Peace of mind, built in

Servicing and repairs are included. So, if something goes wrong with your Virgin Media kit and needs repairing, we'll take care of it without charging you a penny - so long as this doesn’t compromise misuse and mistreatment boundaries.

Safety first

Safety first

Our broadband comes with Web Safe included, giving you the option to block access to unsuitable or potentially fraudulent sites. You can also add an extra layer of security with F-Secure SAFE, online security powered by F-Secure, for £3 per month or £30 per year.

Parental controls and safety

We take internet safety very seriously at Virgin Media. We know you value online safety as much as fast broadband speeds, which is why we strive to make sure you have all the tools for both. Our internet safety and parental control tools aim to give you a peace of mind so that you can enjoy our super-fast broadband - worry free. Keeping children safe online is something that is extremely important to both Virgin Media and our customers so we have numerous measures in place in order to keep your surfing as safe an experience as possible.

The legal stuff

Virgin Media’s fastest, most reliable WiFi ever, due to enhanced WiFi signal from Hub. Your price will not increase during the minimum period except for broadband only packages.


New customers only. SERVICES ONLY AVAILABLE IN VIRGIN MEDIA NETWORK AREAS. Subject to survey, network capacity and credit check. A minimum period applies to the services, please check basket for details.

What is a minimum period?

When you take any services from Virgin Media you will be committing to taking that service for a minimum amount of time (e.g., 18 months). Virgin Media call this a minimum period, minimum term or minimum commitment period but they mean the same thing. Please check your basket for details of the minimum period that applies to the services you have chosen.

What if I cancel or move home?
If you cancel during the minimum period, you may need to pay an early disconnection fee, including when you move to a property outside of the Virgin Media Network area – this is because you will be asking to cancel your services early. The Virgin Media network does not cover all of the UK – please use our postcode checker here to check availability. You can find more details on the early disconnection fee and process by visiting the Legal Stuff section of the website here. For the full terms and conditions please click here.