Student broadband deals

Flexible contracts and superfast, reliable broadband for students with an ‘’ email address. See what student broadband deals you can get.

What is student broadband?

Student broadband (sometimes called student WiFi) is unlimited fibre broadband, just on a shorter term contract. 18-months is standard for most broadband deals, but student broadband deals last 30-days or 12 months at a time. Ideal when you only need an internet connection for the academic year, or even for part of a semester.

Find the right student broadband for your accommodation

Student broadband deals give you a choice of two contract lengths and a wide range of superfast speeds. So whatever your needs, whether you’re a couple or big group living together, we have broadband (student deals) for you.

  • M125 Broadband’s plenty for two housemates. Game, check social media and browse online, all at the same time.

  • M250 Broadband’s ideal for four of you. Stream movies, game and browse online, all together.

  • M350 and M500 Broadband support six or more. Stream party playlists, have movie nights and multiple gamers playing at once.

Ideal for short-term tenancy agreements

Keep 30-day student broadband deals rolling for as long as you need. Such as from September to July, while you’re staying in halls or uni accommodation.

Go superfast on a student budget

M125 to M500 student broadband deals are as fast and reliable as standard broadband deals. But much more flexible and with contract terms that are student-friendly.

What you'll get with our student broadband deals

Priority from O2

Get the UK’s only student broadband deals with access to Priority. Grab pre-sale tickets to 1000s of gigs and events, and enjoy all the rewards and daily treats, on us.

Superfast speeds you can rely on

Our network is 99.86% reliable. Plus, our mighty WiFi Hub is powered by built-in Intelligent WiFi technology to help keep you connected.

Flexible student broadband contracts

Feel free to end our rolling 30-day student broadband contracts at any time, with no risk of early cancellation fees. Ideal for short-term student accommodation.

Plus, take advantage of these extra benefits

10% credit back on selected entertainment subscriptions

Get student broadband and TV. Add Stream from Virgin Media and you can pick and mix entertainment, like Netflix, each month.

Speeds guaranteed in every room – or money back

WiFi Max is the fastest WiFi guarantee of any major provider and you can add coverage to student broadband deals for a monthly fee.

What are the best student WiFi deals you have?

All of our student broadband deals can help you send and receive files, stream classes, host video meetings and have a productive time studying (or chilling out) at home. The best broadband for students is pretty subjective as it depends on personal factors, really, like how many roommates will share the connection at the same time and what activities you’ll use the internet for. So, here’s some general advice about our speeds.

M125 Student Broadband

  • 132Mbps download, 20Mbps upload – average speeds.
  • Our best student broadband for: connecting 5 to 9 devices.

M250 Student Broadband

  • 264Mbps download, 25Mbps upload – average speeds.
  • One of our best student broadband deals for: 10+ devices.

M350 Student Broadband

  • 362Mbps download, 36Mbps upload – average speeds.
  • One of our best broadband deals for students into: online gaming.

M500 Student Broadband

  • 516Mbps download, 52Mbps upload – average speeds.
  • Fastest – Our best student broadband speed. Super-connected.

What should I look for when choosing the best student broadband?

You’ll need to know what you’re looking for in terms of cost, contract length and, of course, student broadband speeds. So before you get into comparing our best student broadband deals, make sure to chat through your budget, speed needs and even your plans for the summer, all together as roommates.

Flexible contract broadband

If you're not a student but still like the idea of short-term broadband, why not take a look at our flexible contracts? With no early disconnection fees and the freedom to cancel with just 30 days' notice, our flexible contract broadband is perfect for those who don’t want to be tied into a long contract.

View our flexible contracts


The legal stuff

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No setup fee

This promotion means you won’t pay the usual setup fee of £35. No setup fee is available on all bundles, broadband & phone, and broadband only packages. If you can set up using a Self-Install pack, but choose to use an engineer for the installation, you’ll still be charged £30 for this service.

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Priority is a service from O2 that current Virgin Media customers aged 16+ can also use.
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  • Fastest WiFi guarantee of any major provider
    Comparing WiFi guarantees of major UK ISPs. Terms of guarantee vary by provider. To verify click here. Virgin Fibre Areas only. Available with M50 broadband or faster. £8p/m extra or included with Gig1 or Volt. At least 30Mbps download speeds in every room or £100 one-off credit. Up to 3 WiFi Pods if needed. Excludes broadband faults and broadband network outages. Further exclusions & legal stuff apply.

    UK’s fastest widely available broadband
    Virgin Media Gig1 (average download speed 1130Mbps) vs fastest widely available average download speeds of UK ISPs. For verification see