Coronavirus update

Every day, people, businesses and public services rely on Virgin Media to stay connected. But in times like these, it’s even more critical for us to keep things running smoothly – and we’re working hard to do that.

Find out what we’re doing to help keep our people and customers safe, and protect our network.

How are we keeping our customers safe

The health and wellbeing of our people and customers is always our top priority, so we’re following Government and medical advice to put safety first while making sure we can still help our customers and connect new households to our services. With this in mind, we’ve put extra safety measures and checks in place.

Here's what we’re doing to protect you and our staff:

  • Three days before a scheduled technician install visit, and one day before a scheduled technician service visit, we’ll text customers to ask if anyone living at their property has been asked to self-isolate or has flu-like symptoms. If customers respond with “yes”, then the visit will be rescheduled for two weeks later, with confirmation of this date by text within 24 hours of the appointment.
  • We’ll also call you on the day of a technician visit, around 30 minutes before they arrive. If anyone at the property is self-isolating or displaying Covid symptoms, we’ll rearrange the visit.
  • Where it’s possible, such as for Hub installs and upgrades, we’ll send you a self-install QuickStart pack which means there’s no need for someone to visit your home. This service is currently available at no extra cost.
  • Our technicians won’t install or move extra phone outlets, extensions or Wi-Fi Pods right now.
  • Replacement Virgin TV remotes are being sent out by post.
  • Hygiene measures for engineers were in place long before the coronavirus pandemic. These include anti-bacterial hand wipes and latex gloves as standard kit.

How we're helping our customers

We’re doing all we can to keep our staff and our customers safe. Find out how below:

Protecting our network

We know how important our network is to everybody right now. We want to reassure you that we’re working as hard as we can to keep it in great shape, and keep you connected.

We’re keeping you connected

As more people may be working from home at the moment, it’s important to know our network can withstand any increased usage, including peaks throughout the day, in the evenings and at weekends. As usage rises, our existing capacity will be able to take it – but we’ll have a close eye on things and make changes if we need to.

Keeping everyone working safely

We’re set up for our staff (and customers!) to work from home. We’ve done a full impact assessment, including continuity planning, so we can keep managing and operating our network.

How to prepare for engineer visits during Covid-19

If a technician needs to enter your home, please make sure you do the following:

  1. Clear a path to the main wall socket that your Virgin Media product or service is plugged in to
  2. Wipe down any surfaces around the areas the technician will be working
  3. Open any windows or doors where the technician will be working
  4. Keep two metres away from the technician to maintain social distancing or move to a different room if possible

Read our help guides for more information on installing virgin media products or booking engineer appointments


Want to learn more about Virgin Media’s Covid response and what we’re doing to keep you connected. Check out our FAQs below:

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