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Virgin Media’s Update on Covid-19

Last updated: 24th September 2020

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Virgin Media’s Update on Covid-19

Last updated: 24th September 2020

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Virgin Media’s Update on Covid-19

Last updated: 24th September 2020

Every day, people, businesses and public services rely on Virgin Media to stay connected. But in times like these, it’s even more critical for us to keep things running smoothly – and we’re working hard to do that.


Here you can read about the steps we’re taking to help keep our people and customers safe, and protect our network.

Some of our call centres are closed, so please only call if you need to.

You’ll also find more help with specific questions at the bottom of this page.

For more information on Covid-19 including the NHS Covid-19 app click here.

Keeping our customers safe

The health and wellbeing of our people and customers is our top priority, so we’re following Government and medical advice to put safety first. Our key workers will only enter a customer’s home to do essential work like fixing or installing broadband and home phone services, and will always stick to social distancing guidelines when inside.

  • We’re checking with our technicians to confirm they don’t have flu-like symptoms, aren’t self-isolating, and haven’t been to high-risk areas. If they answer yes, they won’t visit your home.
  • Three days before a scheduled technician install visit, and one day before a scheduled technician service visit, we’ll text customers to ask if anyone living at their property has been asked to self-isolate or has flu-like symptoms. If customers respond with “yes”, then the visit will be rescheduled for two weeks later, with confirmation of this date by text within 24 hours of the appointment.
  • On the day of a technician visit, customers will receive a call around 30 minutes before they arrive. The same process as above will be followed if a customer responds with “yes”.
  • Where it’s possible, we’ll send you a self-install QuickStart pack which means there’s no need for someone to visit your home. This service is currently available at no extra cost.
  • Hygiene measures for engineers were in place long before the coronavirus pandemic. These include anti-bacterial hand wipes and latex gloves as standard kit.

How we’re helping our customers

Prioritising our NHS and critical services customers

We’re providing NHS Trusts, key organisations and businesses that are delivering critical services with additional bandwidth and availability as needed. We’ve also rolled out a range of free or low-cost solutions to help set up remote working as securely and quickly as possible . On top of this, we’ve committed to a range of cross-industry measures to support the NHS, its staff and patients. This includes providing additional mobile data and minutes. More details can be found here.

Pay Monthly mobile customers

We’re keeping our most vulnerable Pay Monthly customers connected with unlimited minutes and a monthly 10GB data boost. Our vulnerable Pay As You Go customers are getting 500 extra minutes, 500 extra texts, and a 1GB data boost for the next three months.

Extra TV channels, at no extra cost

As more people are at home right now, we’ve given millions of our TV customers a whole host of extra kids’, Sky and other lifestyle and documentary channels to enjoy together. These include Discovery, Fox, Gold, Sky One, Sky Comedy, Sky Witness, Alibi, Nat Geo and Comedy Central Extra.

M100 Fibre Broadband speed upgrades

We’re giving over a million customers who currently pay for speeds under 100Mbps a free boost from superfast broadband to ultrafast M100 Fibre Broadband. We’re also boosting Oomph customers with M100 Fibre Broadband to M200 Fibre Broadband.

Brand new in-cinema releases, now available to watch at home  

With cinemas closing, we've secured some brand new films on current release to watch now on Virgin Movies, and at a reduced price for our customers. These are Emma, The Hunt and The Invisible Man – ideal when the kids are in bed – and Trolls World Tour.


We’re doing all we can to help our customers if they find it difficult to pay their Virgin Media bill during this time. We continue to speak to individual customers to offer support where it’s needed.

NHS websites

We’ve made sure that visits to any NHS websites don’t use any of our customers’ mobile data.

Virgin Media WiFi Calling

We’ve now launched free Virgin Media WiFi Calling – a way to make calls and send texts in more places on your mobile. Enable WiFi Calling, and you can keep chatting even in a no-mobile-signal spot.

Extending Talk Protected

Customers on our Talk Protected plan already have free evening and weekend calls as part of their package. But as staying connected matters most right now, we’ve made sure these customers can contact people at any time of the day, with free daytime home phone minutes.


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Keeping our people safe

As well as following all official guidance, we’re regularly updating our employees with health and safety advice, while putting in place necessary working arrangements alongside travel and site restrictions. These measures include:

  • Adhering to current Government guidance on self-isolation.
  • Providing the flexibility and capability for most of our people to work remotely. For those unable to do this, we’ve put in place additional safety and hygiene measures, like social distancing.
  • Setting up a dedicated hotline for anyone in the business with a confirmed case of coronavirus so they can get the support needed.
  • Added extra hygiene measures and increased cleaning across all of our sites, and provided extra hand sanitiser gels and wipes for all customer-facing teams.
  • Cancelling all non-critical business travel, both domestic and overseas.
  • Cancelling or postponing all employee events.
  • You may still see our technicians out and about. They’re working on maintaining our network and keeping the nation connected. These workers will be provided with appropriate PPE.

Protecting our network

We know how important our network is to everybody right now. We want to reassure you that we’re working as hard as we can to keep it in great shape.

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We’re keeping you connected

As more people may be working from home at the moment, it’s important to know our network can withstand any increased usage, including peaks throughout the day, in the evenings and at weekends. As usage rises, our existing capacity will be able to take it – but we’ll have a close eye on things and make changes if we need to.

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We’re working

We’re set up for our staff (and customers!) to work from home. We’ve done a full impact assessment, including continuity planning, so we can keep managing and operating our network.


We’ll keep you updated

This is a fast-moving and unprecedented situation for all of us. Our promise is to stay transparent, look after the network that helps you connect to the people and things most important to you, and keep you updated as often as we can.

Stay safe and take care of each other.

Your frequently asked questions

All our call centres are really busy at the moment, so it could take us a while to answer your call. For now, use our website for help and support – start here. You’ll also find more help with specific questions below.


For more detail, see the ‘Keeping our customers safe’ section above.

There's a number of ways you can get help online:

Sign into My Virgin Media

Make a payment, track your orders, check service status, update your password and much more. Simply sign into your My Virgin Media account.

Sign into your mobile account

Check your balance, view recent payments, see your latest call, text and data usage, update your Direct Debit and much more. Simply sign into your mobile account.

Search for Help

Use our search to find the Help articles, step-by-step guides, helpful videos and more which relate to your issue. Visit Help to start searching.

Run tests against your kit and check for outages

Sign into Service Status to run a test on your kit, check for network outages and get email and text updates.

Ask the Community

Visit our Community, a helpful, friendly forum packed with tips and advice.


A number of things could be slowing your connection. For help, try our slow speeds step-by-step guide.

Visit our Service Status page to check your broadband, TV or home phone network status. Or visit our Coverage Checker page to see mobile coverage.

There could be a few reasons why you can’t connect. Head to our no connection step-by-step guide for the right help.

Our step-by-step guide should point you in the right direction. It’s packed with loads of hints and tips to help you get the best connection.

First of all, check our I can’t connect’ step-by-step guide to check everything’s running smoothly in your home and area. Here you’ll be able to get the right help, including WiFi hints and tips.

Many companies use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide employees with a secure and encrypted connection to work safely from home.

Due to the additional protection provided by VPN, the broadband speed you receive may be impacted. This is because all your internet traffic needs to go through your employer's network and servers. During peak office hours and with more people working remotely, it may take longer for the data to pass through.

If you're experiencing slower speeds, disconnecting and reconnecting to your VPN can help.

When running a speed test make sure you turn off your VPN to see if you are experiencing slower speeds.

We've also got some handy tips to help improve your household's broadband speed

Yodel drivers and couriers will be changing the way they make deliveries in that they won’t ask you to sign electronic pads when accepting their order. Drivers will ring or knock on your door and place the parcel on your doorstep, then move away to a safe distance. When you answer the door, the driver will explain that they’re making a delivery and will ask the customer for confirmation of their surname. The parcel will be scanned as “Unable to sign Covid-19”.

If you don’t answer the door, Yodel will attempt to deliver to a neighbour as above, entering your neighbour’s surname. As per usual process a calling card will be left you, so you know where the parcel was delivered.

If you no longer want to accept your order, the driver will follow the standard refused process and return the parcel to us.

All drivers and couriers have been briefed that under no circumstances should any parcel be left on a doorstep or in public view.

Delivery attempt timings are still between 07:00 – 21:00.

We know you’ll be keen to get your new Virgin Media equipment, and we’ll be doing everything we can to get it to you. We just want you to know there might be a small delay over the next couple of weeks, as we’re sure you’ll understand.

If you’re concerned about getting your new kit, there’s no need to call. If something isn’t going to plan, we’ll get in touch.

The Government has been clear that outdoor network maintenance and construction can continue. Our network is a piece of critical national infrastructure and is essential for people and businesses to stay connected in these unprecedented times.

Our top priority is the safety of our people and the communities we work in. All of our crews strictly adhere to social distancing policies and follow our safety and hygiene procedures.

To keep local residents informed, we’re adding new information to our letter drops which includes setting out our status as an essential service provider. We continue to review our procedures and are in regular contact with the Government and local authorities.

When a customer orders with us, we text them asking if they’re an NHS worker. If that’s the case, our agents try to re-schedule the appointment for the next available slot.


Our offices remain open. As key workers, it’s important that we’re still here to help our customers during this difficult time. However, as with many other businesses, we’ve seen a reduction in our staffing levels so you might experience a longer wait time than usual. Before calling us, we’d encourage you to visit our website for help and guidance.

Normally, we ask you to return your kit. That’s because while you're with us, you rent your kit, rather than own it. But as the government advice is to stay home, we don’t want to ask customers to venture outside to post kit back to us. We’ll drop you a line at a later date to organise the return through CollectPlus, or one of our key workers will safely collect it from your doorstep so we can help to keep other people connected. For now, please keep your kit somewhere safe.

For more about the essential work our key workers are doing to help customers stay connected, visit our blog over here.