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Introducing Plume, your WiFi’s new best friend.

We’re always looking for ways to make your WiFi better, and we’d like you to be one of the first to experience it with this exclusive invite just for you.

Plume can help solve your WiFi woes

Plume is a super-sleek solution to rid your home of WiFi blackspots. It learns your household’s online habits and optimises your signal – helping to ensure the devices that need it most are covered and connected and, with AI Security, protected.

Just plug Plume’s pods into a power socket, and the Plume Adaptive WiFi™ will spread through your home, so you can stream your latest obsession from your loft all the way to the cupboard under the stairs – if that’s your thing.


Got questions? We’ve got answers…


Single-router WiFi systems can give you the speed you need as long as you’re close enough to the Hub. Plume is a cloud coordinated WiFi system that can replace your current Hub’s WiFi to give you stable and consistent WiFi coverage and speed in any room of your home using blazing pods coupled with AI-based optimisations.

With a membership, you get the best WiFi coverage and reliability through affordable SuperPods and PowerPods, the Plume app, and a commitment to continuous upgrades.

The Plume membership includes the following features and services:

  •  Plume Adaptive Home WiFi™: Plume learns your environment and optimises performance for a powerful, reliable home WiFi experience
  • AI Security: Grant Internet access, create and share custom passwords, and assign certain devices to guests--all within a single WiFi network
  • Manage household devices: Monitor which devices are accessing your WiFi, which SuperPod or PowerPod they are connected to, and their signal strength and bandwidth.
  • Parental Controls: Give people or devices a time-out, monitor level of Internet usage, and set the hours when kids can get online. Restrict internet access based on predefined levels or block specific websites.
  • Secure and Protect: Block annoying advertising and potentially harmful websites  
  • Easy Setup: Set up your SuperPods and pods with the app in minutes. Just plug in and connect
  • Measure and track performance: Quickly measure speed and performance to your devices and pods, no matter where you are
  • Map your home: See where your SuperPods and pods are, how they’re performing, and to what they’re connected through an interactive map
  • New features: Access to never-ending sets of new features, capabilities and controls
  • Rolling hardware warranty: The initial 12-month hardware warranty extends another 12 months with each annual membership renewal
  • 24/7 Support: We are always here for you
  • Free delivery: Free delivery of hardware within the UK
  • 60 day returns: Return Plume Webstore purchases within 60 days and get a full refund for the membership and hardware
  • While-you-sleep updates: We'll auto update your pod firmware when the network activity is low
  • Keep your ISP honest: Measure your pipe, see if you've been getting what you pay for

Enjoy peace of mind with the ability to set parental controls, monitor WiFi performance from your phone, and safely grant guests WiFi access. With 24/7 support and cloud-powered updates, the Plume Membership always has you covered.

When you sign up for a monthly Plume membership, you agree to be charged each month on a recurring basis. The minimum subscription period is one year.

Plume provides a 60-day money back guarantee. You may return your pods and receive a full refund of your order.

All pods include a one-year warranty. Your warranty will carry over beyond the first year as long as you renew your Plume membership.

The SuperPod is our most powerful offering and covers up to two rooms. You should always connect a SuperPod to your Hub. PowerPods are ideal for smaller homes and should be placed slightly closer together. SuperPods feature two Ethernet ports and tri-band connectivity, whereas PowerPods include one Ethernet port and dual band speeds. SuperPods and PowerPods work seamlessly together to extend WiFi coverage throughout your home.

Yes, the invitation-only launch is only for Virgin customers.

We're contacting some customers with an introduction to our friends at Plume, who are giving a special offer for their Plume Adaptive WiFi™ service.

If you've got a problem or a question about Plume's services, you should contact Plume directly. You can get in touch via its app, call on 0800 917 6318 (24/7 support), or email (24/7 support). There's also lots of information on Plume’s support site.

We'll continue to provide support for your Virgin services.

You'll pay the monthly membership fee to Plume by Direct Debit.

Start by downloading the Plume app for iOS or Android. The app will walk you through the process.

  • Download the Plume WiFi app in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. 
  • Create a Plume account with a valid email address.
  • Connect a SuperPod to your Super Hub 3 with the provided ethernet cord. Plug the SuperPod into a power outlet. 
  • Create a WiFi name and password in the Plume app, using the same WiFi name and password as your old network. 
  • Turn off the WiFi on your Super Hub 3 to avoid interference. 

Plume Adaptive WiFi™ is designed to spread out device connections throughout the home. We recommend no more than 45 devices per every pod in your home for maximum performance. A lot then!

If you leave Virgin, you can no longer be part of our exclusive launch; however, you can still purchase Plume's services directly from them.

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