How to create a strong password

Follow these dos and don’ts for safer and more secure passwords, so you’re protecting your online accounts from hackers as best you can.

What is considered a strong password?

• Don't use something that's easy to guess - like names of your family/ pets, birthday, nickname, football team etc.
• Don’t use common dictionary words – like password, Admin
• Try to use a different password for every site
• Never write down your password or share it
• Use a minimum of 8 characters, the longer the better
• Try to use special characters when you can - like . @ ?
• Don’t use repetitive or sequential characters – like aaaaa, 1234

Information not to include in your password

Leave out any personal information, especially what’s available from your social media profiles, such as:

  • Kids, pets or relatives’ names
  • Birthdays or years
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers

Password security tips

Now you’ve a strong password, let’s try to keep it safe:

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