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How to forward an email

Here's a guide to what you'll need to do to send a message in Virgin Media Mail.

  • Click on Compose from the toolbar


  • Enter your recipient's email address in the To field and then press Enter on your keyboard


                • If you want to add more than one recipient, just repeat the steps above


                • If you want to delete a recipient, click 'x' next to the email address or recipient name


  • Enter a subject for your message in the subject box


  • Write your message! Just click in the large field and type away


  • When you're done composing, click the Send button


  • You can change the formatting, font and colour of your message text using the tools located above the compose window. You can also attach files


  • You can send a copy of an email to multiple recipients


                • We suggest using the carbon copy feature when you'd like to include additional recipients whose responses are welcome but not required. Click on Copy (CC) to and enter the email address(es)


                 • The blind carbon copy option lets you hide recipients addresses and names from one another. Click on Blind copy (BCC) to and enter the email address(es)


  • When you start to enter an email address in the To, Copy (CC) to or Blind copy (BCC) to a suggestion list will be displayed.


            You can accept a suggestion, by doing the following:


                    • Use the scrollbar to browse the list and then click on a suggested email address


                    • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select a suggested email address and then press Enter key


A signature is a bit of personalised text (such as your contact information or a favourite quote) that is automatically inserted at the bottom of every message you send.

To create a signature:

  • Click the System menu icon settings on the right side of the menu bar then click the Settings menu
  • Click on the Email option from the menu list and click Add new signature button
  • In the pop-up window, enter a name for the signature and then type in your new signature text in the box
  • When you're done click on Save

Once you have your signature set up, you can attach it to the email text

  • Click on Signatures
  • Select a signature from the list

To hide the list, click on Signatures again

Sending emails using an external email address

If you have added external email accounts in Virgin Media Mail, you can use those addresses to send emails.

  • Click on the Sender option
  • Select an email address from the list

To hide the sender list, click on Sender again.

  1. For more information on adding external email addresses to Virgin Media Mail, check Checking Mail from your other email account using Virgin Media Mail


There are additional options available to you when you are sending an email.

You can:

  • Set the priority of the email. This doesn't affect how the email is sent or received; it is a label that (High, Normal or Low) that the recipient will see
  • Attach your vCard (electronic business card)
  • Request a delivery receipt. This will inform you that your message was delivered to the recipients mailbox


To use these additional settings, click on More on the left sidebar menu.



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