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How do I reactivate Virgin Media services?

If your Broadband, TV and Phone aren't working, it may be that there's a problem in your area that's affecting your services. You can check for any known issues and run checks on your services at

If there's nothing wrong in your area or with your kit, you should check that your payments are up to date, and you're within your account credit limit if you have one.

If we've been unable to take a recent payment, or if you've gone over your account credit limit, we may have restricted your services until you've made a payment towards your account.

Checking your account

If you’re able to sign in to your My Virgin Media account using another connection or mobile device, you'll be able to see more information about your account and whether you need to make a payment.

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Swipe through

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Register or sign in to My Virgin Media

Step 2 of 5

Select My Bills at the top of the page

Step 3 of 5

Select Overview

Step 4 of 5

If your services have been restricted, you'll see a message at the top of the page telling you why

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You can select Make a payment to part pay or fully settle your account

If you've got a compatible iPhone or Android mobile phone you also check your account and make a credit or debit card payment using our handy My Virgin Media app.

Getting your services restored

Once we've received your payment, we'll aim to restore your services within 12 hours. If you've not paid via a credit or debit card, it may take several days for the payment to reach us.

If you've brought your account up to date, you may get a credit for the period your services were restricted. Any credit will show on the next bill after your services are working again.

If you've previously paid your account by Direct Debit and there's been a problem taking a payment, once your account is up to date you'll need to set your Direct Debit up again. See Paying for Broadband, TV and Phone by Direct Debit for details on how to set up your Direct Debit payments.

Other ways to get help

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