Our WiFi network is growing!

We’ve been running a pilot using Hubs to expand the Virgin Media WiFi network, and now we’re ready to move to the next stage and switch on even more Hotspots.


Testing! Testing!

A big thank you to the customers who took part in the pilot. It ran on our Hub 3.0 and Super Hub 2ac, and saw customer Hubs in participating areas added to our WiFi network.


We're continuing to light up Hub 3.0s.

We’re continuing to light up our WiFi Hubs

We’ve already added over 2 million Hubs to the Virgin Media WiFi network and have plans to extend the network further, by adding hundreds of thousands of Super Hub 2acs to it.




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You can find out more about our big plans for Virgin Media WiFi on our dedicated page.


Not for you?

If you’d rather not be a part of Virgin Media WiFi, simply let us know by registering or signing in to My Virgin Media below and ticking the ‘opt out’ checkbox.