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Your mobile plan price won’t increase

in line with RPI in 2020

The Retail Price Index (RPI) is what the Office for National Statistics uses to measure inflation, which helps to work out changes in the cost of goods and services, as well as the cost of living here in the UK.

As outlined in your mobile contract, agreed with us when you chose your plan, we increase our prices each year in line with RPI. This affects the amount you pay for your airtime plan (inclusive data, minutes and texts). 

This year, though, the coronavirus pandemic has created an uncertain time for everybody – and we think our customers should have one less thing to worry about. So, we won’t be changing the monthly cost of your Virgin Mobile airtime plan in line with RPI until July 2021 (RPI announced in April 2021). This means your monthly cost will stay the same until then.

You don’t need to do anything, and this doesn’t change your contract with us.

Not sure how much your current airtime plan is? Don’t forget that you can always find out here.

To see how we’re looking after our customers, our people and our network during the coronavirus pandemic, please go here.