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These hacks will change your life*

The modern world is complicated. But when it comes to the entertainment you love, we believe things should be simple. That’s why we’ve put together these tips for getting the most out of your Virgin TV. So, scan down, discover something new and get ready to win at telly. 

How to...

To find your favourite shows on your TiVo® box, simply…

A Go to Search & Discover on the home screen

B Select Search

C Type the first letters of the show you’re after

Or, if you have a Virgin TV V6 box, powered by TiVo®, simply…

A Press the Search button on your remote control

B Type the first letters of the show you’re after


Bookmarking shows or series will tag them in your My Shows folder. So, when you want to watch your On Demand and Netflix series (if you subscribe), they’ll be ready waiting for you. Simply…

A Select the On Demand episode you want to tag

B Click Bookmark In My Shows

C Choose between tagging the series or just the episode


One press of the Clear button on your remote can delete anything from an individual show to an entire folder of your recordings. Simply…

A Press My Shows on your remote

B Pick the show or series you want to delete

C Click the Clear button on your remote


With the Virgin TV Go app you can watch a range of Box Sets and up to 110 live TV channels on your mobile or tablet, anywhere with WiFi, 3G or 4G in the UK. Better still, if you have a Virgin TV V6 box you can also enjoy selected recordings anywhere in your home with WiFi. Simply…

A Download the app from your App store

B Sign in to the app

C Watch your fave shows

Did you know you can customise your channel guide to include only your favourites, allowing you to reach sport and movies even quicker? Simply…

A Press Guide on your remote

B Scroll left

C Highlight Channel Guide and hit OK

Did you know that your box saves shows it thinks you’ll love to your My Shows folder? To find them, simply…

A Go to your My Shows folder

B Click on the Suggestions folder

C Watch, rate or delete your Suggestions


Virgin TV’s Series Link+ collects every episode of your favourite shows in one place, wherever they live. Simply…

A Search for the show you want to save

B Hit Create Series Link+ on the screen

C Find episodes in your My Shows folder

Your box’s undelete feature allows you to rescue shows and movies that you’ve erased by mistake. Simply…

A Press My Shows

B Select Recently Deleted Recordings

C Choose the programme

D Click Recover This Show

Our WishList™ allows you to record shows, actors and even directors, every time they’re on TV. Simply…

A Hit Search & Discover on the home screen

B Choose My WishList Searches

C Select Create A New WishList Search

D Create by title, actor, keyword or director

Find your remote

If you have a Virgin TV V6 box and you need to track down your remote control, simply…

A Press and hold the Channel Up button on your Virgin TV V6 box

B Wait for up to ten seconds, then follow the beeps!



TiVo, WishList and the Thumbs Up logo and the Thumbs Down logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of TiVo Inc. and its subsidiaries worldwide.

Series Link+: TiVo only. Not all services and apps are available via Search. Search will only bookmark content available on TiVo platform. 

Virgin TV Go & app: Not all channels/content from relevant pack available to view. Virgin TV customers with a Virgin TV V6 box and compatible device can stream or download selected recorded programmes (this feature is not accessible via PC or Mac or from non-Virgin TV V6 boxes) and stream live TV and On Demand in the UK. WiFi connection required. Access via PC, Mac or TV Go App (selected iOS devices and Android™ mobiles and tablets only). Minimum 800Kbps recommended per device accessing the service concurrently. Maximum of 2 devices per account can watch TV. On Demand only available to M+ or Mix TV packages and above. Box-to-box streaming between a Virgin TV V6 box and a TiVo box may require a Powerline adaptor.