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Good Behavior

Michelle behaving badly

Michelle behaving badly

It’s Lady Mary as you've never seen her before in this daring black comedy

Can people change? Can you ever escape your past? Get some answers from Good Behavior, your Virgin TV Exclusive

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Be on your best behaviour and we’ll give you something special. Actually, scratch that – even the badly behaved can get their paws on Good Behavior. In fact, the badder, the better!


Showing us how it’s done, Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery stuns as Letty Raines, seductive swindler and star of Good Behavior – your Virgin TV Exclusive. Joining the likes of Ash Vs Evil Dead, Kingdom, Magic City and Imposters, Good Behavior is unavailable anywhere else in the UK. In fact, only Full House TV customers can watch them. Hey, we did say it’s an Exclusive...

Watch the trailer here...

Whet your appetite by feasting your eyes on the teaser trailer above, and keep your peepers peeled for even more on this hot new show!

Good Behavior

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Exclusives are available to Full House TV customers with a TiVo® or V6 box powered by TiVo®.