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Jennifer Garner in Alias

Which US series should you watch next?

Which US series should you watch next?

Take your pick from our Awesome America! Box Set collection, including complete series like Alias

Pick a series based on your favourite American food and sink your teeth into a tasty new Box Set…

Find the Awesome America! collection in On Demand > Box Sets

Here in the UK, we don’t generally celebrate 4 July with as much gusto as our cousins across the pond. However, it’s the perfect excuse to gorge on burgers, ribs, pancakes and other delicious US comfort foods.


But what can you pair with this slap-up meal? Drinks, yes… but how about a sizeable slice of great American telly? Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with our Awesome America! Box Set collection. Only available with Full House TV, it contains six top series that perfectly capture the spirit and heart of our American brethren. And they’re all not to be missed. But which one will you watch first?

Get finger-lickin’ pickin’

Whatever foodstuff you fancy, we have the perfect TV side dish to go with it. Click on the flip cards below to discover your dream pairing, then hunker down and get comfy in your loosest pair of trousers…

Find the Awesome America! collection in On Demand > Box Sets

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