Deep State

Take a dive into Deep State

The writer and stars take us undercover on this unmissable spy thriller, now available as a Box Set

We spy with our little eye, something beginning with…

Deep State, find it in On Demand > Box Sets

It’s your next Box Set obsession! Some shows are simply so intriguing, so addictive and so awesome that you can’t just watch one episode; you need to watch them all – back to back! With the Deep State Box Set, you can do just that. And now’s the perfect time to catch up, as season 2 has already been commissioned!


If you missed it the first time it was shown on FOX, let us fill you in. Max Easton (Mark Strong, Kingsman: The Golden Circle) is a British ex-spy attempting to move on from his days working undercover.


Or at least, that was his plan. The chance to avenge the death of his son Harry (Joe Dempsie, Game Of Thrones) proves too tempting, and he’s drawn back into the fold – where the Deep State reigns supreme. And before you ask, the Deep State is a shadowy group of people – comprising members of government agencies and the military – who conspire to manipulate and control aspects of government policy. Click here to get the lowdown from our interview with Strong and Dempsie.

Deep State
is created and directed by Matthew Parkhill, and also stars Karima McAdams (Vikings) as MI6 field agent Leyla Toumi and Alistair Petrie (The Night Manager) as George White, an ambitious MI6 chief. We sat down with Parkhill, McAdams and Petrie to find out more…

Deep State, find it in On Demand > Box Sets

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