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Is this the greatest US sitcom of the 21st Century?

Is this the greatest US sitcom this Century?

All of Scrubs is available to watch in Box Sets. But is it the best US comedy of recent years? 

Does Scrubs get your vote as the funniest US sitcom of the noughties and beyond? With all nine seasons in On Demand, maybe it’s time for a refresh…

Find Scrubs seasons 1-9 in On Demand > Box Sets > Channels > ABC Studios

Owing to its infectious mix of gags, poignancy and surrealism, this magnificent medical sitcom from the US was a major hit when it originally aired between 2001 and 2010. And like all great shows, Scrubs has lost none of its charm.

Following the lives and loves of staff at Sacred Heart Hospital, it’s perfect comfort viewing. Put an episode on and away you go, escaping to a world where the cast are just as likely to break out into song as they are to reaffirm your belief in the goodness of mankind.


Full House TV customers don’t have to settle for just one episode, though, because every single season is available to watch in On Demand! Whether the mere thought of JD and Turk’s bromance still fills your heart with joy, or if you want to know what all the fuss is about, we think the time is right to check in with Scrubs.


But where do you think it should rank in our list of the funniest 21st century American sitcoms? Take a look at the seriously strong contenders below and cast your vote…


Find Scrubs seasons 1-9 in On Demand > Box Sets > Channels > ABC Studios

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