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Rose Tyler in Doctor Who

Who’s your summer holiday Doctor Who companion?

Who’s your summer holiday Doctor Who companion?

Find out with our quiz, as every episode since the 2005 revival is now available on BBC iPlayer

Sun? Check. Sea? Check. Sonic screwdriver? Great. Now all you need is a legendary sci-fi companion to tag along…

Find Doctor Who series 1-10 in Catch Up > BBC iPlayer

To some, the summer holidays are all about sprinting to the closest shore and basking in the hot sun. To others, it’s the perfect excuse to fuel up the 1992 Volvo 900 and take a long, winding country road to an idyllic cottage in the Cotswolds.


Whatever your preference, we feel that holidays are always best when shared with others. No one understands this better than the Doctor, who has travelled across space and time with some of the most faithful sidekicks in the universe.

As the new series of Doctor Who edges closer to a tellybox near you, we’ve assembled a quiz to help you discover which of the Time Lord’s travelling companions is the one with whom you’d definitely have a time (get it?) you’d never forget…

Find Doctor Who series 1-10 in Catch Up > BBC iPlayer

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