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The River Box Set

Dive into a new Box Set

A new Box Set to dive into

There’s something strange going on in horror drama The River

All eight episodes of this thrilling found-footage series are ready to be discovered in On Demand

Find The River season 1 in On Demand > Box Sets > ABC Studios

As you’d expect from the director of Paranormal Activity, Oren Peli knows a thing or two about hair-raising scares. So it’s no surprise that The River, the action-horror series he co-created, is a white-knuckle ride into the unknown. Just make sure you’ve packed clean undies…


When high-profile explorer and TV personality Dr Emmet Cole (Star Trek’s Bruce Greenwood) vanishes during a trip to the Amazon, his family fear the worst. Until his emergency beacon goes off six months later…

A rescue team led by Cole’s wife (Leslie Hope, 24) and son (Joe Anderson, The Grey) set off to discover his whereabouts, equipped with cameras to film the mission. However, their journey into the heart of the jungle reveals mind-bending mysteries they never imagined, including ghosts, demons and terrifying creatures you won’t find in any zoology textbook.


Thrills and chills abound in this unmissable series, which also has Steven Spielberg on board as executive producer – and you can find every heart-pounding episode in On Demand. But before you set sail along The River, can you name the famous Rivers in our quiz below?


Find The River season 1 in On Demand > Box Sets > ABC Studios

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