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Jeff & Some Aliens… and some more aliens

Jeff & Some Aliens… and some more aliens

Space out with this hilarious animated Box Set on Virgin TV – plus more extraterrestrial fun!

Humans have long been obsessed with aliens – from Area 51 to UFOs. But what happens when aliens become obsessed with humans?

Find season 1 of Jeff & Some Aliens in On Demand > Box Sets from Friday 9 November 

The latest attempt to tackle this eternal question is the animated TV show Jeff & Some Aliens. The aliens – Sammy, Jimmy and Ted from the planet Azuria – have been sent to Earth to study humans in general, and Jeff in particular. Or, as the theme song succinctly puts it: “Their mission is to study Earth’s most average guy/To see if humans are worth saving or if everyone has to die.” Charming…


The aliens’ appearance is just what you’d expect – antennae, grimy green skin and mangled mouths. What comes out of those mouths, however, might not be what you’d expect… Let’s just say they learn to adopt some of Earth’s ruder terminology pretty quickly!


Jeff & Some Aliens started out as a sketch on US series TripTank before it was launched into a space all of its own, starring Brett Gelman (Fleabag, Stranger Things) as the hapless Jeff. And now you can catch up with the full season 1 in On Demand!


Of course, Jeff’s encounter with extraterrestrials is not entirely uncharted territory – a vast amount of screen space has been devoted to similar set-ups, so we’ve journeyed to meet this show’s spiritual ancestors… 


Where did Jeff come from?!

Find season 1 of Jeff & Some Aliens in On Demand > Box Sets from Friday 9 November 

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