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Formula E

Formula E is electrifying!

Formula E is electrifying!

From the skilled drivers to the mean, environmentally friendly machines, this sport ticks all the right boxes

Not sure if this fast-growing motorsport is for you? We’ve got five reasons that might change your mind

FIA Formula E Marrakech highlights, Saturday 13 January, 3.30pm, Channel 5/HD (CH 105/150). Also available for 7 days in Catch Up > Channels > Channel 5

Buckle up, because the fast and furious world of Formula E is heading to Marrakech for the latest chapter of what’s already shaping up to be a compelling season. The Circuit International Automobile Moulay El Hassan will host the third race of the campaign, and it’s all set up to be an unmissable cracker.

Formula E is gaining plenty of momentum in the sporting world, with star names, environmentally friendly machines and amazing race locations offering a heady mix of excitement for fans. But with that other speedy Formula-related sport usually hogging the headlines, you’d be forgiven for not knowing a great deal about this motorsport.


With live races and highlights on Channel 5 and 5Spike, there’s never been a better time to get acquainted with all the twists and turns that this thrilling sport has to offer. Here we take a look at five reasons why you really should tune in…


1. The talent behind the wheel

Former F1 drivers Nelson Piquet Jr, Kamui Kobayashi and Jean-Éric Vergne are just some of the top stars battling for glory, while Britain’s Sam Bird is also worth keeping an eye on. If you’re looking for top drivers doing what they do best (primarily keeping you on the edge of your seat), there’s an abundance of them in Formula E.


2. FanBoost changes everything

Formula E allows fans to get closer to the action by voting for their favourite drivers before the race. The three drivers with the most votes are then given an extra 100kJ of energy during the action, which they deploy with the pull of a lever. They can only use it once, so timing is everything if they want to make that crucial overtake.


Formula E

3. The cars pack a punch

Your standard vehicle in Formula E can go from 0-60mph in just three seconds, which is faster than a Premier League footballer’s supercar. Not that you can tell – the lack of noise means that your eardrums will be thanking you.


4. The fabulous settings

Paris, New York, Mexico City, Berlin… Formula E visits some of the world’s most recognisable cities during the season, which is testament to the sport’s growing popularity. If you can’t afford to travel the globe to watch the action, just sit back and take in the amazing scenery on the box! It's almost like being there in the flesh.


5. It’s good for the environment

Think of Formula E as the clean alternative to Formula One. The cars are powered by electricity, which means they don’t give out any nasty emissions as they blitz their way around the track. What’s not to love about that?


FIA Formula E Marrakech highlights, Saturday 13 January, 3.30pm, Channel 5/HD (CH 105/150). Also available for 7 days in Catch Up > Channels > Channel 5

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