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Say hello to the all-new iteration of the smash-hit franchise with this exclusive Showcase on Virgin TV

ThunderCats Roar Showcase, Channel 700, from Saturday 4 April

Though parents will undoubtedly recognise the fantastical settings and colourful cast of characters, ThunderCats reboot ThunderCats Roar is a very different beast to those that came before…


Produced by the same brains behind Teen Titans Go!, this latest reboot perfectly channels the over-the-top, campy cartoons of the 80s while injecting the comedy, self-aware wit and panache of modern-day animated series to create a side-splitting, “WHACK” and “POW”-tastic new envisioning of the already beloved franchise.

It’s a roller coaster ride of awesome from start to finish, and you lucky Virgin TV customers can enjoy it before anyone else! With the first season set to air on Cartoon Network on Monday 6 April, you can watch the first four episodes two whole days before the much-anticipated premiere, via Channel 700!


And, if you miss them the first time around, fear not, for all four episodes will be repeated across the following two days!


Pumped at the prospect of reacquainting yourself (and introducing your little ones) to the ThunderCats? Read on below to find out all you need to know about the episode you’ll be getting an exclusive first-look at…


Episode 1 – Exodus: Part 1

As their home planet of Thundera nears the brink of collapse, Lion-O and the rest of the ThunderCats crash-land on Third Earth, only to find their pesky sworn enemies have followed them the whole way!


Episode 2 – Exodus: Part 2

With their enemies closing in and Third Earth’s own villainous leader seriously jamming the ThunderCats’ vibes, Lion-O sets out to quickly learn the ropes of what it takes to be a leader.


Episode 3 – The Legend Of Boggy Ben

While the rest of the ThunderCats try to pry open the last remaining jar of Thundera’s fabled Thundersnap cookies, Lion-O chases down the titular legend of the amusingly named Boggy Ben.


Episode 4 – Prank Call

Feeling his “street cred” is being called into question by the gang’s younger, more “with it” kittens, Lion-O meddles with an omimous, potentially (and highly probably) evil crystal… with disastrous consequences.

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