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5 video calling apps like Houseparty

5 video calling apps like Houseparty


With Houseparty being the hottest virtual party to attend right now, here are five other video calling apps that will make connecting with friends a whole lot easier

By Laura Rutkowski, Staff Writer

Houseparty is not a new app. It’s been kicking around since 2016, before it was bought in 2019 by the company behind Fortnite. In 2020, it’s now one of the top downloaded apps on Google Play and the App Store (download it here). People are rediscovering it and singing its praises for good reason. 


It’s a “face-to-face social network” that easily hosts video calls with friends and family from your social networks, including Facebook and Snapchat. You don’t have to make a call as such, but you move between “houses”, where you can play games like Heads Up!, Trivia, and Quick Draw! You can also record a Facemail, a video message featuring your lovely face (who wouldn’t want to see that?), that pops up when someone opens the Houseparty app.


Read on to discover more video calling apps just like it. When you can’t organise get-togethers or catch-ups in person, our five picks will have you feeling like the life and soul of the party in no time!


1. JusTalk

Download it here

As well as individual conversations, this app supports group chats for up to 50 people! You can also draw, share photos and play games. If you want to relive some of your videos or voice calls later, just hit record, and they’ll be stored in your “Memories.”


2. Bumble

Download it here

If you’re unsure whether you want to meet up with a dating app match, or you don’t have the time right now, why not try an in-app video chat or voice call? The Bumble features are really easy to use and conveniently located at the top of every message. People want to connect more than ever right now, and dating apps have noticed the surge. Plus, there’s one very big icebreaker everyone is taking advantage of…

3. Facebook Messenger

Download it here

It sounds like an obvious choice, but nothing beats its reliability for making calls – whether you’re on a tablet, computer, or phone – to people who live all around the world. If you want to take it to the next level, turn on the live-updating filters for some serious fun. 

4. WeChat

Download it here

This is like texting, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram rolled into one. Share photos and videos with other users or post them to their profile. If you feel like making new friends, a feature called Shake lets you talk to other people nearby.

5. Viber

Download it here

Viber is probably the most versatile of the bunch. It’s available across platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows 8, Mac and more – making video calls across devices a piece of cake! There’s also a WhatsApp style chat and you can use it to share files.

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