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Daley Thompson: one of everything

Daley Thompson: one of everything


We sit down with two-time Olympic champ and Virgin TV Get Moving instructor Daley Thompson to unearth his one of everything from the world of entertainment!

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To many, Daley Thompson is the decathlon legend who dominated the sport for the best part of a decade in the 80s, with him and his glorious moustache soaring their way to back-to-back Olympic golds and more World Championships than we’ve had hot dinners.


Now, to even more, he’s about to become their new, still brilliantly moustachioed, personal fitness coach with his daily workouts on Get Moving, the exclusive channel packed with handy fitness drills perfect for all shapes, sizes and abilities! Find out more here!


Handy tips (tea towels under the elbows for carpet-based planks, everyone…) and his trademark enthusiasm and wit make his daily workout an absolute blast, as he works your glutes and gets interviewing a wide range of celebrity guests from Sebastian Coe to Fighting Talk’s Colin Murray.


And, luckily for us, we were able to chat to the aforementioned ledge during a break in filming to get his one of everything from the world the entertainment that have kept him going in recent weeks…


TV show/Box Set: The West Wing

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Seriously, the best thing ever written on telly. It has been absolutely brilliant. It’s seven series, 20-odd episodes a series… I did ’em all in eight weeks!


Film: Field Of Dreams

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I’ve found myself going back to films I’ve watched before and loved, you know? So I’ve been watching Field Of Dreams, ’cause I’m a bit of a romantic and all that kind of stuff… yeah, lots of old ones.


App: WhatsApp

Like everybody I’m probably using WhatsApp a lot more than normal. I’ve found the biggest thing I’ve missed is just catching up with people! So WhatsApp’s great for that.


Video game: Daley Thompson’s Decathlon


Daley’s Decathlon… It came out on the Commodore 64 or the ZX Spectrum, I think, a long time ago, but you can play it on the iPad because they updated it! I don’t know if you can still download it, but that’s great.


Album/song: Anything by James Brown

You know, I’m really boring with my music… For the last three years, the Top 15 most played songs on my Spotify have all stayed exactly the same! Lots of James Brown, funk, soul-type stuff.


Podcast: Nope!

In truth, I haven’t been listening to any! I’ve got a 13-year-old and an 18-year-old, and the 13-year old is about to go to boarding school, and the 18-year old was about to go to university, so these three months have been a godsend for me because I get to spend nearly every day with them! They’re not happy about it… but I am!


Documentary: The Civil War

It’s directed by a guy called Ken Burns and it’s just amazing… it’s been a real eye-opener. And next week I’m going to start another one of his called The Vietnam War, which is meant to be as good if not better. I’m really looking forward to that.


Guilty pleasure…?

Plenty of pleasures, no guilt!


When are Daley’s Daily Workouts on Get Moving?

You can join Daley for his daily workouts on Get Moving (CH 997) every weekday at 7.45 am, 1.15pm and 6.45 pm.


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