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Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled is back!

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled is back!

The eternally boyish actor, writer and comedian returns for more unscripted chats with the entertainment industry’s leading lights and laugh merchants…

By Jon Billinge, Senior Staff Writer

Since it first began in June 2014, Alan Davies’ roundtable chat show has become something of an anthropological archive, charting the flights and follies of humanity through respectful, nuanced discussion. OK, so that’s stretching it a bit.


In actuality, As Yet Untitled is a freewheeling, unscripted rollercoaster ride of anarchic anecdotes, arguments and traumatic recollections, riffed on and picked apart by the host and his hilarious guests.



In each episode, Davies and a mix of well-known and up-and-coming figures in the entertainment industry sit down for a casual chat, which begins with an interesting fact about one of the guests. What follows is anyone’s guess, but it’s guaranteed that hilarity will ensure.


Towards the end of the show, Davies chooses a title for the episode, which is often a full or paraphrased quote from one of the guests. Some choice examples from series past include “I’m locked in with a ham and I’m not coming out”; “Simple people eating complex carbohydrates”; and the immortal “Hello can I have a bath?”.



Some of the industry’s most famous faces have stopped by for a chat, laugh, or thousand-yard stare (sometimes all three!), and the latest series is similarly starry.


Sue Perkins, Jamali Maddix, Al Murray, Fern Brady, Russell Kane, Patrick Kielty, Jessica Hynes, Johnny Vegas, Ellie Taylor, Rachel Parris, Steph McGovern, Jo Brand, Stephen Mangan and Alex Jones are but a few of the galaxy of stars you can expect to see.


But before you tune in to the first episode of Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled on Tuesday 14 March at 10pm, read on to discover some of the best original comedy shows to have graced the wonder that is Dave (CH 127).


Live At The Moth Club

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Blending live performances and sitcom-like, behind-the-scenes elements, Live At The Moth Club is a sidesplitting Dave show that may well have flown under your radar. It’s astoundingly clever, delightfully intimate, and of course, absolutely hilarious. Mark Heap, Lucia Keskin, Jamie Demetriou, Freddie Meredith, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Seb Cardinal and a shedload more provide the laughs.


Big Zuu’s Big Eats

Find series 1-3 in On Demand

The man, the myth, the appetite… Big Zuu’s flagship show is a comedy/food mash-up to savour. Each episode sees him cook up a storm for a different celebrity guest. But this is a chef with many hats – rapper, host, banter merchant – who likes to think outside the box, resulting in some unusual but seriously impressive dishes. The show picked up not one, but two, awards at the 2022 Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards in the Entertainment Programme and Features categories. Cooking and award-winning comedy? It doesn’t come much fresher than that.


Late Night Mash

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Current affairs satire gets pleasingly bitey in this news parody show fronted by comedians Nish Kumar (series 1) and Rachel Parris (series 2), who don’t pull their punches. Hard-hitting subjects are given a mirthful spin, while an ever-changing roster of comic correspondents including Ellie Taylor, Steve Allen, Geoff Norcott, Ahir Shah and Jason Forbes give their two cents.


Comedians Giving Lectures

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Rest assured, these right here are lectures you definitely won’t fall asleep in. Presented by Sara Pascoe, Comedians Giving Lectures is exactly that: each episode four comedians are given titles of real lectures – i.e. “Is living in the countryside right for you?” or “The moral side of murder” – and must stage their own version of that lecture. There are slide shows and pie charts aplenty and you may well learn something of value while having a rip-roaring, belly-laughing good time!


We Are Not Alone

Find it in On Demand

“When aliens arrive, can we still go the pub?” is the existential theme of this feature-length comedy from writers Ben Willbond and Laurence Rickard (GhostsHorrible Histories). It explores how we might navigate life under extraterrestrial terms, and if indeed the idea of intelligent life out there might a bit of a stretch. A host of stars lend their talents, including Declan Baxter as hapless account executive Stewart, who’s unwillingly drawn into the hare-brained schemes of an alien trio, played by Vicki Pepperdine (We Hunt Together), Mike Wozniak (Man Down) and Joe Thomas (The Inbetweeners).


Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable

Find series 1-3 in On Demand

Comedians don’t so much usher as wrench their skeletons out of their closets to tell all in a series of unflinching and hilarious self-exposés. Guests relay their sordid stories to Mel and co-host Lou Sanders in a bid to cement their reputation as the most unforgivable person in the room. Hear many a cautionary tale – from why you should never accept chicken from strangers to why giggling isn’t always a laugh – and have your ribs and toes respectively tickled and curled.



Find series 1-4 in On Demand

Across four rounds, Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster pit two teams of comedians against each other across a series of “what if” challenges. In addition to mentally surmising how each scenario might play out, the teams also physically act out some of them using an extensive collection of props. Expect to see the likes of Suzi Ruffell, Tom Allen, Sophie Duker and Desiree Burch in the hot seat, being asked, “What would you do?”


World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Find it in On Demand

Thankfully far removed from your average hard-hitting motorway doc, World’s Most Dangerous Roads in fact follows two celebrities as they navigate roads deemed – you guessed it – the world’s most dangerous. With a new duo bickering about directions while inside a shiny new 4x4 each episode, it’s as nailbiting as it is sidesplitting.


When is Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled on TV?

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled airs on Dave HD (CH 127) on Tuesdays at 10pm, with the first of eight episodes screening on Tuesday 14 March. Episodes are also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > Dave.

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