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Meet The Richardsons returns!

Meet The Richardsons returns!

Comedy couple Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont are back on screens for another series of Meet The Richardsons

By Charlotte Briggs, Staff Writer

Jon Richardson (8 Out Of 10 Cats) and Lucy Beaumont (Hullraisers) have a lot in common. They’ve both been a recipient of a highly coveted Chortle award, they’re both from the north of England (Lancaster and Hull respectively) and they share the screen in the award-winning mockumentary Meet The Richardsons.


The premise of the show is simple enough – Richardson and Beaumont give viewers a fictional take on their real-life marriage. Co-written by Beaumont herself and Car Share writer Tim Reid, the first three series saw the couple and their daughter Elsie living in Hebden Bridge and later Leeds, and causing plenty of havoc, naturally.


The hallmarks of their fame are on displayh in the show, with guest appearances from celebrity mates and references to other projects, such as Richardson’s regular fixture 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown. But a lot of room is given to satire too, like Beaumont’s fictional BBC sitcom Wet Cloth, Dry Cloth, inspired by her previous life as a cleaner.


If you’ve never heard of this show before (have you been living under a rock?), check out the trailer for the first series below to see what you’ve been missing...



Some very familiar faces have featured over the years too, with cameos from fellow comedians Johnny Vegas, Russell Howard (Richardson’s real-life former flatmate) and Sally Phillips, as well as chat show host Jonathon Ross and even Neighbours alumnus Jason Donovan.


In fact, the show has been so successful that it’s led to the couple starring in more projects together, including Jon & Lucy’s Party Of The Year and the more recent Jon & Lucy’s Odd Couples (catch both now in Apps & Games > All 4).


And series 4 is set to be just as brilliantly bonkers, with the first episode showcasing Richardson’s midlife crisis as his 40th birthday approaches, while Beaumont seeks career advice from Katherine Ryan.


Plus, you can look forward to plenty of guffaws as the pair navigate embarrassing TV appearances, consider faking Richardson’s death and even question whether Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp is Beaumont’s father…


Don’t miss the new series on Thursday 6 April at 10pm on Dave HD (CH 127). You can also watch series 1-3 now in On Demand.


In the mood for more satirical spoofs, knowing glances into the camera and sound booms “accidentally” left in view? From The Office and Modern Family to Wellington Paranormal, get ready to laugh with our round-up of marvellous mockumentaries you can watch right now on Virgin Media.


Cunk On Britain

Find it in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

Ever wondered how humanity went “from ancient man to Ed Sheeran”? Ill-informed investigative reporter Philomena Cunk – played by funny woman Diane Morgan (Motherland) – certainly has. Created by Black Mirror writer and satirist Charlie Brooker, the series is made up of montages and expert interviews as Cunk retells Britain’s history not as we know it, while delivering such insights such as “dinosaurs came in many flavours, just like crisps”. And hilarious follow-up series Cunk On Earth (also available on BBC iPlayer) sees Cunk continue to ask the big questions but on a global scale.



Find it in Apps & Games > Prime Video

If you’re into song parodies and satire, then don’t miss Luke Ibbetson’s underground film that pokes fun at cult stereotypes. Set in the year 1999, the plot follows a documentary crew who are investigating the notorious “Friends At The End” cult. The filmmakers descend on a remote village in England to shine a light on their mysterious way of life and their belief that an approaching comet signals the end of the world. Keep an eye out for familiar faces including James Barnes (Together), Jacqueline Kirwan (Fir) and Mark Kitto (Wolf).



Find series 1-2 in Apps & Games > All 4

Filmed in a mockumentary fashion, Ricky Gervais’ comedy drama will have you simultaneously in stitches and tears. The series, heavily inspired by Gervais’ relatives who work in care homes, follows the titular Derek – a 50-tear-old nursing home caretaker who only sees the good in the world. Across two seasons we follow the ups and downs of a group of misfits living on society’s margins, as they navigate life and its challenges. Starring alongside him are Gervais’ protégé Karl Pilkington (An Idiot Abroad), Kerry Godliman (Trigger Point), David Earl (The Cockfields) and the late Tim Barlow (My Life In Film).



Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Chris Lilley and mockumentaries go hand-in-hand, with the Australian comedian responsible for critically acclaimed Summer Heights High, Ja’mie: Private School Girl and Angry Boys. And one of his more recent projects is ten-part series Lunatics, that documents the lives of six very peculiar people who all march to the beat of their own drum. Lilley plays all the protagonists (as is his bread and butter) using a combination of self-recorded, fly-on-the-wall and interview footage to reveal the underlying message that it’s OK to just be yourself. Aw!



Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

No stranger to the world of mockumentaries, Zach Woods (The Office) stars alongside an ensemble cast of Jane Lynch (Party Down), Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd), Wayne Wilderson (The Mick), Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus) and more in this offbeat flick. Showcasing the unexpectedly competitive world of mascots, the plot follows eager contestants who put their best furry foot forward to win the coveted title of World’s Best Mascot. Plus, it’s directed and co-written by Christopher Guest who’s behind other mockumentary masterpieces Best In Show and Waiting For Guffman.


Modern Family

Find series 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 and 11 in Apps & Games > On Demand

This Emmy and Golden Globe-winning comedy put Sofía Vergara, Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter on the map. Filmed from the perspective of an unknown documentary maker, the series perfectly captures the laughable and very relatable trials and tribulations of a modern-day family. Set in California the plot follows three interconnected nuclear, blended and same-sex families, as they take on the same challenges of juggling work and childcare that many of us face. Often heart-warming, always funny and with 108 episodes available to binge, it’ll soon become a firm favourite in your household.


People Just Do Nothing

Find series 1-5 in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

A British spoof series that’ll leave you searching for Kurupt FM on your radio, this show is the brainchild of Allan Mustafa (The Curse), Hugo Chegwin (Sneakerhead), Steve Stamp (Top Boy) and Asim Chaudhry (Hitmen). Filmed as a documentary with the occasional interviewer prompt off-screen, the plot follows the lives of a group of failed MCs from West London, who run a pirate radio station that broadcasts UK garage and drum and bass music. MC Grindah (Mustafa), DJ Beats (Chegwin), DJ Steves (Stamp), and Chabuddy G (Chaudhry) take it in turns to give ridiculous interviews discussing their highly inflated talent and personal relationships.


Simply Black

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Jean-Pascal Zadi’s (Represent) mockumentary highlights the very real issue of diversity in France’s entertainment industry through a satirical lens. In this Netflix original Zadi plays himself, an activist who’s on a mission to expose the role of black people in French society. Determined to organise a march through the streets of Paris, he quickly reveals the scope of his ambitions by likening himself as France’s answer to Martin Luther King. Throughout the film the irony of Zadi’s lack of self-awareness during complex conversations about identity, labels and racial politics is captured in a documentary-style format, as well as his run ins with well-known French celebrities like actor Omar Sy and comedian Claudia Tagbo.


The Office (US)

Find series 1-9 in Apps & Games > On Demand

Perhaps the most famous mockumentary of all, the template for The Office (catch series 1-2 of the original British series in On Demand now) became a global phenomenon after it was reimagined with Steve Carrell (Little Miss Sunshine) as the world’s worst boss. Using the same format as its predecessor, the series follows the lives of employees Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in the sleepy town of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Over 9,986,000 minutes (and the rest) we watch romances blossom, hearts break and epic jelly-based pranks unfold. Also starring are John Krasinski (A Quiet Place), Rainn Wilson (Mom), Jenna Fischer (Splitting Up Together) and Mindy Kaling (The Morning Show).  


This Country

Find series 1-3 in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

Keeping it in the family (literally!) Daisy May Cooper and her real-life brother Charlie star as fictional cousins partaking in a documentary about their Gloucestershire village. Kerry and Lee “Kurtan” Mucklowe consistently keep us in hysterics as they shine a light on the realities of country life in modern Britain. Offering comedic insights on living in the middle of nowhere and all the mischief and idiosyncrasies that come with it, the tone often switches from hilarious to melancholy as the pair poignantly touch on the real-life problems their neighbours face like unemployment and lack of opportunity. Get this one on your watchlist.



Find series 1-3 in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

It’s hard to imagine a world in which an esteemed media corporation regularly gets it wrong. But mockumentary series W1A captures this scenario effortlessly thanks to a mix of dead-pan narration from David Tennant and a cast of totally useless office workers. Never missing a beat, the series pokes satirises the management of media powerhouse the BBC, with Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey) and Jessica Hynes (The Royle Family) giving memorable performances as Ian Fletcher aka “Captain Values” and marketing guru Siobhan Sharpe. Plus, for more laughs don’t miss its predecessor Twenty Twelve also on BBC iPlayer.


Wellington Paranormal

Find series 1-4 in Apps & Games > On Demand

There are spooky shenanigans afoot in this sidesplitting spoof series. Not just another police force, this special cop division is more likely to investigate a blood bank robbery than an actual bank robbery. Sergeant Maaka (Maaka Pohatu, Mystic) and Officers Kyle Minogue (Mike Minogue, The Watercooler) and O’Leary (Karen O’Leary, The Eggplant) have been tasked with investigating paranormal phenomena and tracking supernatural events across New Zealand. From demon possessions and ghosts to aliens and haunted houses, no stone is left unturned by this trio. And of course, there’s a documentary crew on hand to capture it all.


When is Meet The Richardsons series 4 on TV?

The fourth jam-packed series of Meet The Richardsons starts on Thursday 6 April at 10pm on Dave HD (CH 127).


Episodes will also be available at Apps & Games > On Demand.

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